All Essential Oils
All Essential Oils

All Essential Oils


Take care of yourself and the planet in perfect harmony with our range of certified organic pure essential oils. These oils are carefully sourced from farms across the globe and undergo a rigorous certification process to guarantee that the crops are cultivated, harvested, and distilled using the most purest oils and most sustainable methods available.

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Discover a range of essential oils to suit your needs

At Lively Living, we’ve long been singing the praises of essential oils and how they can bring a healthy balance to your home through the ancient holistic practice of aromatherapy. Since 2012, we have been proudly stocking a quality range of certified organic essential oils that deliver multi-faceted health benefits for customers across the country. Whether you’re looking for single oilsorganic blendsoils suitable for babiesroll on oils, winter remedy oils, anxiety aids, women’s balance oils, or immune boosters, at Lively Living we’ve got it all. Browse our range and uncover a variety of essential oils to suit a number of different needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While essential oils don’t necessarily expire, we suggest paying attention to the use-by date provided on the packaging. Generally speaking, essential oils are in their best condition in the first two years before they begin to oxidise. At Lively Living, we use 100% pure organic ingredients when producing all of our essential oils — however, it’s a good idea to correctly store your products to enjoy a longer shelf life. Keep your essential oil products in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and always ensure the lid is closed tightly.

Unfortunately, some suppliers will claim their essential oil products are 100% organic when they are not. To avoid disappointment, always ensure the product you wish to purchase has been given the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) logo.

If you’re looking to buy essential oils from a trusted organic supplier, browse our range at Lively Living. Known for their superior quality and unique health benefits, we have a huge collection of essential oils in Australia as well as diffusers, baby oils, blends and much more. Whether you’re looking for essential oils for specific health concerns or want to enrich your home with an exceptional natural scent, Lively Living is the place to go.


Used by many nations across the world for thousands of years, essential oils are made from plant extracts and are known for their unique scents and various health benefits. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy practices and are most commonly added to a diffuser. Some of the most recognised essential oils include peppermint, lavender, lemongrass and cedarwood.

Once you have purchased either a single essential oil or an aromatherapy oil blend, there are a few common ways to use them. Firstly, you can add the essential oils to a diffuser or vapouriser, which disperses the oils into the air through vibrations which cause ultrasonic waves — creating microscopic particles of oils. Alternatively, you can mix your essential oils with water (in a bath, for example) or put them directly onto your skin with a roll-on blend.