Our Story

When I launched Lively Living here on the Gold Coast in late 2012, my vision was clear: to create a boutique range of certified organic essential oils, and source the most advanced ultrasonic aroma diffuser in the world to deliver their benefits.

With an intuitive love of aromatherapy, I'm passionate about spreading awareness of natural solutions to help balance the everyday health and wellbeing challenges today's fast-paced lifestyle can create, and help others to live a healthy and harmonious life.

While I'd never created my own products before, and knew little about importing, wholesaling, or the retail industry, I had a strong belief in my vision and myself. With a dream fueled by innovation, style, and wellbeing, I envisioned a quality product line that would not only deliver multi-faceted health benefits, it would showcase superior diffusers in beautiful designs, with high appeal to both stockists and consumers.

Lively Living released its first products - the Aroma-Joy diffuser and three essential oil blends - in 2013. The reception was overwhelming, with stockists around Australia placing high-volume orders, and customers embracing the innovative new diffuser! The demand for complimentary products and a longer running ultrasonic diffuser soon became apparent, and the Aroma-Bloom made its debut to an enthusiastic market, with our range increasing every year showcasing glass, bamboo and eco-inspired designs. We proudly launched the Aroma-Snooze in early 2019, a revolutionary new Sleep Aid diffuser. The Aroma-Snooze takes our technology to new heights with 6-in-1 functionality, integrating an additional multi-track sound and pink noise feature designed specifically to help people of every age enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Fast forward to today, and Lively Living has evolved to become Australia's leading suppliers and brand of ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers, sleep aids and 100% pure certified organic essential oils. Our extensive range includes more than 20 stylish ultrasonic diffusers all featuring five-in-one functionality, along with a comprehensive line of organically certified organic Essential Oil Blends and aromatherapy products to soothe and enrich the mind, body and soul.

The Lively Living Difference

Our winning combination pairs the world's most advanced diffuser technology with only the purest essential oils … it's a powerful partnership that makes us unique in the Australian and New Zealand aromatherapy marketplace. The Lively Living difference can be traced to the relationships I've built and sustained over the years in my quest for excellence.

My exclusive partnership with Ultransmit, the Chinese-based world leaders in ultrasonic aroma diffuser technology, has been a cornerstone of Lively Living's success. I'm proud to work alongside global influencers and innovators and bring these groundbreaking products to Australasia.

My relationship with Ultransmit is built on mutual trust and respect, and I've greatly enjoyed getting to know more about the Chinese culture on my frequent visits to trade expos and Ultransit's headquarters. By remaining at the forefront of technology, and with exclusive access to Ultransmit's designs, Lively Living is able to maintain its reputation for superior aroma diffusers infused with their own personality, decorative flair, and impressive suite of features.

Similarly, I've extended my relationship-building to Lively Living's essential oils, ensuring they are of a purity and quality that aligns with our diffusers, and values. To this end, our essential oils are sourced from farms around the globe and purchased directly from the growers themselves where ever possible. Our comprehensive collection of essential oils and blends are 100% Pure & Certified Organic, you will most certainly value experiencing the quality of our range.

My enduring gratitude is also extended to the hundreds of thousands of customers around Australia and New Zealand who have discovered the benefits of aromatherapy via the Lively Living range, and the hundreds of stores whom enthusiastically stock and promote the Lively Living's products. Today our range can be found in health & wellbeing stores, specialty aromatherapy stores, pharmacies, spas, giftware and children's stores in all parts of Australia.

Our Team

Lively Living’s success lies not only in the strength of our products, but also in the strength of our people. Over the last seven years, our team has grown from a one-woman enterprise, to a close-knit team who share my passion for natural products, beautiful designs, and a holistic approach to health care.

Boasting a range of skills from business administration, to logistics and distributions, and superior customer service, Lively Living’s team is well-equipped to deliver the same level of service and efficiency you expect from our first class products!

Our Commitment

Our commitment to innovation, style, and wellbeing, has seen Lively Living's range of aroma diffusers and premium essential oils, rapidly expand to accommodate the growing popularity of aromatherapy, and the diverse needs of our customers - everyday people just like you.

I invite you to experience the Lively Living difference for yourself.

You and your family deserve it…

Yours in health,

Julie and the Lively Living Team