Blended Organic Essential Oils
Blended Organic Essential Oils

Blended Organic Essential Oils

Lively Living’s range of 100% Certified Organic Essential Oils provide  superior quality, guaranteed purity, and the very best  of  nature in a bottle. Our organic essential oil blends are developed by skilled and qualified aromatherapists and are ethically sourced.  Proudly certified organic, guarantees our essential oils are produced from plants grown without pesticides or other artificial additives, and are the highest quality available

Experience the genuine benefits of pure organic essential oil blends

With the ability to transport you back in time to a particular event, feeling or memory, the power of fragrances is often overlooked. For thousands of years, people have used essential oils and other botanicals to not only add their favourite aromas to their homes but to also enjoy the many benefits that organic essential oil blends have to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Lively Living, we are committed to offering a wide range of blended essential oils that are organic in Australia. 99% of our range is certified organic by the Australian Certified Organic (AOC) — a third-party organisation with strict criteria and rigorous standards to guarantee premium quality. We are proud to offer products of the highest quality and standards while ensuring each delicate blend has the potential to improve your health holistically.

From child-safe oils that can help soothe your little one before sleep and citrus blends that offer a zesty aroma to lavender-infused oils that promote relaxation, we offer a wide range of oils that help address health imbalances in a holistic way.

Within our collection, you’ll also find meditative oils created for those seeking a deeper level of connection to their mind, body and soul. We also stock a range of organic essential oil blends that may support your natural immune system, along with eucalyptus-infused oils that clear your airways and may help improve breathing while you sleep.

To promote relaxation and reduce tension and anxiety, sunflower, lavender, geranium and bergamot oils blend well together and provide a soft and soothing aroma. Organic patchouli and orange pair well together, particularly if you love rich and earthy scents. If you need a scent to soothe coughs and colds while supporting healthy breathing, we offer an organic essential oil blend that combines frankincense, marjoram, thyme and cedarwood atlas.

Whether you choose a single scent or combine a range to create a unique aroma, our organic essential oil blends can be added to any diffuser, vaporiser or air purifier. If you’d prefer to add a few drops to your wrists, temples and feet to reap the potential healing benefits, we offer a DIY roller and carrier oil pack. This allows you to control the amount you mix and add to the Pure Fractionated coconut oil. The bundle includes three glass rollers, so you can create a variety of soothing and energising blends to suit your mood.