Essential Oils For Sleep
Essential Oils For Sleep

Essential Oils For Sleep

Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed with our range of calming products to help you get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is the foundation of healthy wellbeing. Incorporate Lively Living Essential Oils and Diffusers into your bedtime routine for a blissful nights sleep, and to then thrive the next day.

How to use essential oil blends for sleep

Using essential oils to elevate the quality of your sleep is easy. Here are 3 popular methods:

  • Diffusion – Use our aroma diffuser technology to fill the air with blissful scents that encourage you to unwind.
  • Massage – Combine a few drops of essential oil for sleeping with a carrier oil. Massage the blend onto your feet or pulse points.
  • Bathing – Add two drops of essential oils for sleep or mood mindset oils to bath salts. Mix and stir into your bath water for a relaxing soak that will set you up for a sound sleep.
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