Organic Roll On Essential Oils
Organic Roll On Essential Oils

Organic Roll On Essential Oils

Enjoy complete convenience, portability and the benefits of aromatherapy where ever you are, with Lively Livings Organic Roll-On Blends. Our Organic Essential Oil Roll-Ons are perfect for everyday wellness concerns, from helping the little ones sleep, to relieving stress at work.  Mixed with premium certified organic base oils, apply directly to the skin and pulse points to release their benefits

Experience aromatic wonders on the go with organic essential oil roll-ons from Lively Living. Our certified organic essential oil roll-ons are the perfect travel partners to soothe your mind, body and soul. Now you too can enjoy the pure bliss of essential oils anywhere, anytime with our convenient roll-on essential oil blends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 99 % of our essential oil range is certified organic by the ACO , Australian Certified Organic, and we aim to only source and offer essential oils that are certified organic where possible.

ACO, is a third party certification organisation whom have very strict criteria and standards to be approved and qualify to gain their certification. They are known as the strictest in the world.

Unfortunately there is no controls over packaging of essential oils in Australia, so this allows business to use words like ‘pure’, ”natural’, ‘órganic’ on their essential oil packaging, when in actual fact the essential oil could be mixed with anything at all, including chemicals and low quality fillers, and be be farmed with chemicals too.
The ONLY way to ensure that the quality of the essential oil is genuine and organic is to be ‘certified organic’ and have independent certification , as we do with the ACO.

We are proud to offer the largest range of certified organic essential oil blends in Australia, and are committed to offering the highest quality available and proving it with certified organic certification.

Essential oils are the life force of flowers and plants. They are sourced from naturally occurring compounds found not only in leaves and petals, but also the seeds, barks, stem, and roots of plants of every botanical species and origin from every country around the globe.

The healing properties unique to each essential oil have been studied and documented for centuries for their therapeutic benefits and holistic solutions to emotional, physiological and preventative conditions. Essential oils can be used topically and aromatically, and can be blended to produce exquisite fragrances with different therapeutic benefits.

The powerful properties contained in each drop of pure Lively Living essential oil offer a wide range of benefits perfectly suited to today’s fast-paced, environmentally-challenged world.