Organic Essential Oil Balms & Body
Organic Essential Oil Balms & Body

Organic Essential Oil Balms & Body

Enjoy natural and organic Chest and Calm Balms, for a restful sleep and to help clear congestion.

Synthetic ingredients that are used in many commercial brands are highly toxic and should be avoided.

The Lively Living Chesty Kiddy Balm and Calm Kiddy Balm can be used from 3 months to adults, are safe and easy to apply

100% Natural, Safe & Toxin Free

Get our Chesty Kiddy Balm now to ease discomfort and create a cosy atmosphere for your baby! There’s nothing to worry about with our natural, safe and toxin-free formula. Simply apply the chest rub directly to the skin on the chest, neck and feet to ease sniffles and congestion. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our chest balm for babies can be safely applied daily. However, we recommend consulting your baby’s doctor for advice, especially if symptoms persist without improvement.

We suggest applying our Chesty Kiddy Balm chest rub once in the morning and once more at night when congestion worsens. Aside from our chest balms for babies at Lively Living, you may also check out the rest of our essential oils and experience the benefits yourself.

A chest rub is used to alleviate cough and congestion. Our Chesty Kiddy Balm is made with eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol, which are safe ingredients that can suppress coughs and decongest stuffy noses when breathed in. This chest rub can also be applied as a topical pain reliever for sore muscles.