Toxic Free Essential Oils For Cleaning
Toxic Free Essential Oils For Cleaning

Toxic Free Essential Oils For Cleaning

Replace chemicals and toxic cleaners with pure organic Essential Oils and improve the environment and your health. There are endless ways to use antibacterial Essential Oils around your home, and you will love the fresh natural feeling they bring.

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Do you want cleaner air quality in your home? Are you looking to rid your living space of toxic chemicals and odours? Forget ​worrying about bleach or solvent-y fumes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best essential oils for cleaning bathrooms include tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus and spearmint. These oils help clean and sanitise toilets since they naturally possess antifungal and antibacterial characteristics. You may also opt for our mould killer kit to disinfect multiple surfaces appropriately

At Lively Living, we are responsible for selling pet-safe essential oils for cleaning. All our products are created from all-natural ingredients and do not include dangerous chemicals. For instance, our Pet Calm Organic oil is infused with a range of soothing, sweet-smelling botanicals to help your furry friends stay calm and happy throughout the day. Before use, we recommend consulting your veterinarian to ensure certain essential oils or specific scents are safe for your pets. It is also not advisable to lock them in a small room while diffusing essential oils

While essential oils are natural, they can damage surfaces or fabrics if misused. It is important to dilute them before using them and to do a patch test on a small area first to avoid any potential damage.

Yes, mixing different essential oils for cleaning is generally safe and effective. At Lively Living, we offer a Spring Time Essentials bundle you’ll need in your cleaning routine, which includes a lemon organic essential oil, tea tree organic essential oil, and our protection blend. These three 15ml certified organic oils are ideal for deep cleaning your home and eliminating germs and bacteria while keeping the air fresh


Essential oils are generally known to have natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties, which makes them effective for cleaning. Lively Living offers a range of essential oils specifically designed for cleaning purposes.

Mix your essential oil with water and vinegar in a spray bottle for a fragrant cleaning solution. You could also use baking soda instead as a more abrasive alternative.

Amongst the many Lively Living offers, some of the best essential oils for cleaning houses include eucalyptus, lemon, lime, peppermint and orange, as they have a great scent you can smell from one corner of your house to another. We also have a fresh home organic pack if you want several scents. Whatever you choose, our essential oils are natural mood boosters