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Snooze Fairy Portable White Noise Machine


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Compact Portable Rechargeable 

An exciting new addition to our award winning " Snooze" range! 

Transform your little one's sleep routine with the Snooze Fairy—the ultimate companion for sleep at home or on the go! Compact and portable, this palm-sized sound machine is compact yet mighty to ensure tranquil sleep no matter where you are.

With 21 serene sounds, a dimmable night light, ability to store its last used settings, usb rechareable and the longest continuous run time than any portable white noise machine on the market, the Snooze Fairy is your ultimate white noise companion.

Can also be purchased as a bundle with the Nasal Aspirator Care Bundle Here 

USB Cord and Ring Clip Included 

  • 21 Built-in soothing sounds
  • Over 48 hrs continuous play time on one charge, (low volume) 
  • Easy adjustable volume wheel
  • Adjustable warm white night light
  • Lightweight, sturdy and compact 
  • USB Rechargeable 
  • Optional timer function to stop at a set time if you choose. 
  • Stores last used settings, ready for next use 
  • Child lock
  • Easy to use anywhere, at home or on the go.
  • Size: 95mm x 43mm
  • Weight: 210g

INCLUDES: 1 x Snooze Fairy Sound Machine 1 x USB-C cord for charging  1 x Round removeable hook 1 x Fabric loop - attached  12 month warranty  30 Day satisfaction guarantee

Experience deep, restorative sleep anytime, anywhere with the Snooze Fairy Portable White Noise Machine. Its high quality sounds effectively drown out background noises, ensuring a tranquil sleep environment whether at home or on the move. It is USB recharable and provides over 48hours play time on one charge, Featuring 21 soothing sounds and a dimmable soft night light,  the Snooze Fairy is suitable for individuals of all ages, from newborns to adults.


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21 Sounds

White noise, fan, nature, lullabys + more


Warm white light with brightness settings


Easy to pack on the go!
Light weight & compact


Rechargeable battery
up to 48 hours play


Remembers favourite settings for next use


Easy to use on the go
Inc. USB cord & ring clip

Snooze Anywhere with Snooze Fairy

Snooze Anywhere with
Snooze Fairy

Unmatched Portability

Experience ultimate convenience with the Snooze Fairy. Whether you're on a stroll or traveling, its portable design and baby-safe ring clip ensure it's always within reach.

Nap Times Anywhere

Bid farewell to disrupted nap times while on the move. The Snooze Fairy effortlessly creates a serene environment wherever you are, ensuring instant calm for your baby.

Enhanced Functionality

Small but mighty, the Snooze Fairy delivers unparalleled functionality. Enjoy more features than a full-sized white noise machine in a compact portable package.

Why Choose

Snooze Fairy

  • Ensure restful trips, naps & nights with 21 white noise options.
  • Take tranquility with you. The portable Snooze Fairy is by your side.
  • Long continuous play of over 48hrs per charge.
  • 21 Sounds with quality Speaker & Night light.
  • Last used settings are stored, even once turned off.
  • Quality machine + includes USB-C cord & Ring Clip.
  • In the nursery, stroller, car or out shopping, the Snooze Fairy adapts to any environment.

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Why You'll Love

Snooze Fairy

  • Multi Award Winning Australian brand since 2013.
  • Longest run time than any other portable white noise machine.
  • Leading manufacturer. High quality device.
  • Endorsed by Sleep Consultants & Paediatric Specialists.
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • 12 Month Warranty.
  • Same Day Dispatch.

Snooze Anywhere, Anytime!

Why Choose The Snooze Fairy
Over Others




Powerful speaker

Low quality speaker

Compact and portable

Often not portable

Easy roller volume control

Difficult to control

Memory stored settings

No memory

21 soothing sounds

1-4 sounds


Batteries required

Continuous play

Cuts off after time

Optimal timer

No timer

Night light

No light

Durable materials

Cheap materials

Child-safe lock

No lock

Frequently Asked Questions

White noise is essentially a blend of all audible frequencies, each at the same intensity, resulting in a consistent sound without a distinct pitch. It serves a purpose beyond just being noise—it can aid in inducing sleep and drown out other sounds in the sleeping environment that might disturb or distract. People of all ages can find value in white noise, whether it's white, pink, or brown noise. However, it holds particular significance for newborns, as it helps them transition from the familiar sounds of the womb to the new world they're experiencing. The resemblance of white noise to the sounds in the womb offers a soothing familiarity, serving as a comforting backdrop for sleep while also buffering against sudden loud noises that could disrupt rest.

Yes! White noise proves to be a perfectly safe aid for sleep, whether for yourself or your new baby. A general guideline to follow is to keep the volume at a level no higher than that of a normal conversation, typically around 65 decibels (dB). If utilizing the Snooze Fairy in enclosed spaces like a car adjust the volume to maintain conversation level. Avoid placing a white noise machine (or any object) directly within a baby's sleep environment, such as a bassinet, crib, or co-sleeper to follow safe sleeping guidelines.

Absolutely. Many adults who are shift workers, sleeping outside a normal circadian rhythm or have difficulties sleeping due to insomnia, anxiety, tinnitus or are simply a ‘light sleeper’ may benefit. The Snooze Fairy includes a variety of sounds that adults may find more effective for sleep than white noise alone.

Absolutely! This isn't your ordinary portable white noise machine. You can conveniently leave the Snooze Fairy in a nursery or bedroom as well. While it may not offer the advanced features found in the Aroma-Snooze or Aroma-Snooze Plus, such as color changing lights, humidifier, aromatherapy, voice recorder, or remote control, it's perfect for travel or sleepovers at the grandparents.

Yes, indeed! We understand the popularity and effectiveness of Pink Noise, so we've ensured it's part of our Snooze Fairy portable white noise machine. Additionally, you'll find other popular sounds such as shushing, brown noise, river, waves, rain, and lullabies. There is 21 sounds in total!

Absolutely! You have the option to play sound without the light or utilize the light without sound, or both together. The Snooze Fairy is completely customizable, allowing you to use it according to your preference.

Yes the Snooze Fairy light can be adjusted by pressing and holding the light button and you will see the light dim.

There are so many choices .21 unique sounds in total.
  • 5 x White Noise: Including , Pink noise & Brown noise,
  • 7 x Nature Sounds: Including Forest bird, Camp fire, Cricket , Ocean Waves , Stream, Thunder, Rain.
  • 2 x Lullabies
  • 2 x Shush & Fetal Sounds
  • 5 x Fan Sounds

The Snooze Fairy boasts an impressive 48+ hours of continuous playback time on a single charge when playing sound only. In practical terms, if you were to use the Snooze Fairy for an average of 6 hours per day, you'd enjoy up to 8 days of uninterrupted use before needing to recharge.

Using the brightest light setting and having the volume on loud, wlll use more power. As with all rechargeable devices, it is best to let the Snooze Fairy use up its charge before recharging . Charging the Snooze Fairy from empty to full typically takes around 2 hours. For optimal battery health, it's advisable to allow the battery to completely discharge before recharging.

Yes. The Snooze Fairy is one clever little fairy! It magically remembers your last volume, sound, and light settings. So, when you turn it on, it sets itself just the way you like it. Talk about fairy-tale convenience for your on-the-go adventures! 🧚‍♂️✨

Trusted By Over 500,000 Happy Customers

Trusted By Over 500,000
Happy Customers