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About our Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser Technology

Why are Lively Living Diffusers the best quality you will find?




Our exclusive partnership with Ultransmit, the Chinese-based world leaders and the inventors of ultrasonic aroma diffuser technology, has been a cornerstone of Lively Living’s success.

Ultransmit along with its sister brand KERI (founded in 2001), focuses on the integration and innovation of ultrasonic atomization technology application.

In 2015, Keri was recognised as “Foshan’s Top Enterprise Technology Center”. Throughout their 20 year history, they have won numerous awards, developed patented products and continue to revolutionize the technology whilst offering exceptional quality. 

Lively Living launched ultrasonic technology into Australia in early 2013 and continue to work alongside Ultransmit exclusively. We are proud of the premium, safe and advanced technology which our diffusers offer.

The quality is paramount not only in the technology is self, though with working alongside global influencers, we are able to continue to release outstanding quality, new features and designs.




Essential Oil Diffuser

The groundbreaking technology driving every Lively Living diffuser is by way of ultrasonic vibrations through water. These vibrations transform water into a cool vapour without the use of heat, ensuring the essential oils diffused in them are retained in their very purest form. (heating essential oils above 35c will destroy their benefits).

Once released into the air, the fine mist can easily be inhaled and absorbed. Unlike steam, the cool mist from our diffusers does not cause condensation or mould.

You can strengthen your immune system, assist sleep, ease anxiety, promote concentration or achieve many other health results, according to which essential oil you choose to diffuse.


Anions & Ioniser

Lively Living’s advanced ultrasonic technology vibrates water at 2.4 million hertz per second, creating healthy negative ions (known as anions) which remove dust, germs, and bacteria from the air.

Our ultrasonic technology accrues the anions during the ultrasonic vibration of the oscillator disc. These anions are good for your health and does not create ozone.

Harmful ‘positive ions’ lie within cities , dust, car exhausts, and are also emitted from computer monitors and television screens . Positive ions can cause tiredness, tension, headaches, anxiety and irritability.

Healthy negative ions are abundant in nature, and is why you feel invigorated by spending time at the beach, in the bush or even gardening. The micro-particles of the mist are dispersed and will attach to, and cancel out the harmful positive ions from electronic devices, printers, televisions and air conditioners etc.

Negative Ions / Anions, are your best friend in the home or workplace when it comes to assisting with clean breathing and respiratory conditions, improving sleep, and enhancing general wellbeing. Diffusing just water alone enhances air you breathe.

Air Purifier

Lively Living essential oils are pure and organic. They are also antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal. Diffusing quality essential oils  into the air can remove germs , bacteria and odours, to enhance,  freshen and neutralise your home naturally.



The mist from our diffusers stimulate moisture in the air to combat the drying effects of heating and air-conditioning, leaving your environment clean and comfortable no matter the season. The humidifier will effectively treat dry skin, nose, throat and lips. It can also be used to ward off he common cold or flu

The humidifying feature of Lively Living’s range will really be a hero of your household. You’ll enjoy an improved quality of air that not only helps prevent noses and throats from drying out, it acts as a natural skin moisturiser and hydrator in any climate!

Our entire range will be adding moisture back to the air, though one of our styles holding at least 200ml of water will be best for this function, including the


Light including RED LED

Each Lively Living ultrasonic diffuser features an ambient light setting using healthy LED lighting. At the click of a button, the soft night light gently rotates through the colours of the rainbow or you can choose to pause on the colour of your choice. 

The soothing colour spectrum aids relaxation. The Red Light Therapy setting is scientifically proven to help produce melatonin for an easier transition to a deeper sleep cycle, and a host of other benefits associated with a good night’s sleep.

The ‘Breathing Light’ Feature in many Lively Living diffusers changes in light intensity. This softly pulsating light simulates a relaxed human breath, designed to alleviate stress, calm minds, and ease anxiety and tension. 

Each Lively Living aroma diffuser model has differing light options, so explore our range of exclusive designs to determine which light therapy settings and features best suit your family’s requirements.


Lively Living diffusers are the benchmark for quality and performance  and are 100% natural and safe for the whole family to use and operate. Select from our extensive range here


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