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Performance Overview

Help your little one clear nasal congestion in less than 10 seconds

1. Providing Fast Relief

Providing quick effective relief whilst reducing stress, congestion and sickness, your child can now breathe, feed and sleep better, assisting their comfort and development.

2. Clears Runny Noses in Seconds

This Rechargeable Motorised Nasal Aspirator is the ultimate solution for clearing blocked and runny noses – all in less than 10 seconds. Parents, carers and grandparents will all find it easy to use.

3. Facts About Nasal Congestion

Infants predominantly breathe through their noses, yet they typically experience 2-10 colds per year as their immune systems develop. Despite this, they are unable to sniff or blow their noses for relief!

4. All Natural Relief

It is a safe and natural drug free solution to provide your child immediate congestion relief, in the comfort of your own home. Tried others and been disappointed? Shop risk free with our satisfaction guarantee.

5. Strong Suction

Strong constant suction which is scientifically tested to be the ideal, safe suction strength suitable for babies & young children. It is neither too weak nor too strong, offering the perfect balance for effective relief.

6. Easy to Clean, Hygienic & Smart Design

The suctioned mucus poses no risk of entering the motor, eliminating lingering odors or the need for internal cleaning. Simply wash the collection cup and nozzles after each use, ready for reuse.

7. Environmentally Safe & Convenient

Environmentally friendly USB rechargeable, with no AA Batterys required! Long life charge lasting weeks of daily use, before recharging is required. USB cord, 2 x Nozzels, Hygienic Lid included.

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Why Choose

Our Nasal Aspirator

  • Children develop 2-12 runny noses a year. The nasal aspirator quickly and painlessly clears nasal passages.
  • Improve breathing, feeding and sleep by keeping their nose clear.
  • USB Rechargeable & portable. Say goodbye to batteries and the extra costs.
  • Quick safe & easy to use at home or on the go. Designed with your babies health in mind.
  • Effective and user friendly. Say goodbye to manual bulb’s, tube aspirator’s & AAA battery devices. Yuck!
  • Complete kit with superior design & function. BPA free materials.

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Why You'll love

Our Nasal Aspirator

  • Children lack the ability to independently sniff or clear their nose so they need your help.
  • Most effective snot sucker on the market today.
  • Advanced Technology, motorised, USB Rechargeable with long life charge.
  • Clears runny noses in less than 10 seconds.
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, 12 month warranty & Free Shipping!
  • Approved on the therapeutic goods register (TGA)

Clear a blocked or runny nose in seconds!

Why by our
USB Rechargeable
Nasal Aspirator

VS The Others

USB Rechargeable Nasal Aspirator

Battery Operated Nasal Aspirators

Manual Nasal Aspirators

USB Rechargeable


Requires additional purchase of AAA batteries

Manual operation

No additional costs

USB rechargeable, Saves money

Must purchase batteries ongoingly

Short lifespan, regular replacements

Long lasting charge

Weeks at a time before needing to recharge

Relies on replacing batteries frequently

Manual operation, Fiddly to use

Eco Friendly

USB rechargeable, Eliminates battery waste

Bad for environment, Need to dispose batteries

Not eco friendly

Separate chamber
for snot collection

Yes, well designed, Seperate snot collection

Snot is not seperated, can easily enter motor & cause damage, smells & bacteria

Hard to keep clean

Ease of use

Single, ‘easy press’ to operate button

Multipule presses to turn on & off suction

Messy & difficult


Whisper Quiet Operation

Can be noisy & frightening

USB cable

Cable included, No extra costs

Hidden costs of ongoing AAA battery replacements

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Frequently Asked Questions

A nasal aspirator is a device used to remove mucus from the nasal passages, particularly in infants and young children who may have difficulty blowing their noses.. Our nasal aspirator can help improve breathing and make feeding and sleeping more comfortable for babies, infants and young children.

Position your child in a comfortable upright position. Ideally cradling them in your arms Delicately insert the nozzle into the child’s nostril and rotate for 10 seconds to facilitate optimal nasal clearance. Release the button and the suction will stop.

If your child is suffering from dry snot , a few squirts of saline is recommended to loosen the snot for easier removal. You can make your own solution or use a commercially sold product.

The USB Nasal Aspirator is quick and easy to clean. Simply detach the collection cup and nozzle and rinse in hot water. Dry and reassemble in preparation for next use .

It is safe to use from birth to 5 years, including premature babies.

Yes! It is fully tested and regulated by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) in Australia and is a registered medical device for in home use.

The nasal aspirator will take approx. 2 hours to fully charge. If the aspirator is used several times a day the charge will last for several weeks. Only recharge the device when the indicator light flashes red, indicating the battery is low.

Choose Your Bundle

Nasal Aspirator USB Rechargeable + Bonus Balm

Nasal Aspirator USB Rechargeable + Bonus Balm


Aroma-Snooze + Nasal Aspirator USB + 2 Oils Kit

Aroma-Snooze + Nasal Aspirator USB + 2 Oils Kit


Sniffle Survival Bundle - Aroma-Snooze Plus + Nasal Aspirator USB Rechargeable + 2 Oils

Sniffle Survival Bundle - Aroma-Snooze Plus + Nasal Aspirator USB Rechargeable + 2 Oils


Snooze Fairy + Nasal Aspirator Care Bundle

Snooze Fairy + Nasal Aspirator Care Bundle


Trusted By Over 500,000 Happy Customers

Trusted By Over 500,000
Happy Customers