Frequently Asked Questions

Lively Living Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers

When essential oils are dispersed into the atmosphere in their purest form, they’re easily inhaled and absorbed for maximum health benefits. Lively Living’s aroma diffuser technology allows rapid ultrasonic vibrations to create healthy negative anions which purify the air removing dust, germs, and bacteria. Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to uplift, calm, and enhance the mood of any room.

A Lively Livings ultrasonic diffuser is the most efficient way to maximise essential oils due to the high frequency vibrations of the ultrasonic waves they produce.  Incorporating world-leading “five-in-one” technology in every design, your Lively Living diffuser delivers well being to every room by way of a vaporiser, anions generator, air purifier, humidifier, and ambient light (including the sleep-promoting Red Light Therapy setting).

You can have peace of mind knowing that no matter which Lively living diffusers you choose, our entire diffuser range  is manufactured  by the world leaders and award winning INVENTORS of ultrasonic technology, and we are proud to have an exclusive arrangement here in Australia and New Zealand.

We are proud to partner with the world leaders, and actual inventors of ultrasonic technology, ‘Últransmit’ and we have exclusivity of their diffuser technology in Australia and New Zealand.

Ultransmit are a highly acclaimed award winning company with patented technology, based in Guangdong China.

We are proud to have pioneered ultrasonic cool mist technology into Australia in early 2013, and continue to lead the way… not only quality and benefits, though with new stunning designs and materials too.

Yes, unlike traditional oil burners that use a naked flame and alter the composition of essential oils, your Lively Living cool mist ultrasonic diffuser is completely safe to leave unattended, and to use around babies, children, and pets.

When the minimal water level is reached, your Lively Living diffuser will automatically switch off. You can switch your diffuser off manually, plus some of our range have a additioanl timer feature as well, (Dream, Elm, Home),   to the cycle of your preference – the choice and control is yours.

We actively encourage customers to sleep with their diffuser on to reap the benefits of essential oils, and benefit from the clean air or leave it running if they’re leaving home to return to beautifully purified air and an uplifting aroma.

Whether you choose to diffuse essential oils overnight or not, when you use your Lively Living diffuser while you sleep, you’ll receive a wealth of benefits from the purified  mist the diffuser disperses into your sleeping environment.

The healthy negative anions produced by Lively Living’s advanced ultrasonic technology work around the clock to clear the air in your bedroom or nursery, targeting mould spores, pollen, odour, viruses and other air-borne particles. They do this by attaching themselves to the unhealthy positively charged particles (produced from bacteria etc) and neutralising them.

We always recommend adding 3-5 drops of essential oil, blended for relaxation and sleep-promotion, to your diffuser prior to bedtime.  The calming aroma will not only help you drift off to a deeper sleep, you’ll be inhaling the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. The diffused mist will travel into the limbic system in your brain where healing occurs.

You may find over time and with continued use that the water well in your diffuser might experience some discolouration due to a build up of essential oil residue. Thankfully, there is a quick and easy way to clean your diffuser and restore the interior. We recommend these simple steps for regular cleaning to keep your diffuser fresh and sparkling clean.

1. Ensure the water well is dry.

2. Place a couple of drops of Lively Living’s Orange, Lemon, or Breathe essential oil on a dry cloth or cotton bud and use it to remove any essential oil residue build up.

3. Run your diffuser on a complete cycle using only plain water.

4. We also suggest to regularly clean the inside of the water well with a solution of white vinegar and water for a deep clean. Leave a solution sitting in the base of the water well for 30+ minutes. This again will remove essential oil residue and keep your Lively Living diffuser in its optimum operating state.

5. Remember, essential oils are potent, so do not leave essential oil residue left sitting in the bottom of the diffuser for extended periods in between uses.

Conventional oil burners are powered by heat from a naked flame. When essential oils are heated their molecular structure is modified, and their aromatic and therapeutic benefits are either greatly compromised or completely destroyed.

You will also find the old heated vaporisers use heat to create steam which also has many negative downsides.

None of Lively Living’s comprehensive range of aroma diffusers or sleep aids use any form of heat to diffuse mist into the atmosphere. Instead, ultrasonic vibrations transform water into a cool vapour ensuring essential oils are enhanced, retained, and dispersed in their purest form.

In addition, every Lively Living diffuser operates as an air purifier, humidifier, and ambient light therapy lamp, while diffusing your essential oils. Lively Living’s intelligent technology has revolutionised the oil heating methods of yesterday, delivering enhanced health benefits and wellbeing adaptive to our contemporary lifestyle.

Traditional vaporisers use heat to steam large amounts of water into the room during the night with the objective of assisting breathing. The downside of this is that steam vaporisers also produce condensation on the walls and ceiling. This moisture creates dampness, mould, and bacteria, and leads to further health and respiratory issues, particularly harmful to babies and small children.

Lively Living’s  ultrasonic diffuser technology uses mere milliliters of water dispersed as a cool mist, and produces zero condensation, while the ultrasonic technology creates healthy anions to improve the air quality, the same anions you find abundant in nature where the air is clean and fresh. When you want to create the healthiest, safest, soothing, and ambient environment for you baby or child, introduce a Lively Living diffuser or Aroma-Snooze sleep aid into their nursery or bedroom for peace of mind for the whole family.

Yes, the full range of Lively Living diffusers and sleep aids are manufactured by the world leaders and inventors of ultrasonic technology. They carry a 12 month manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

We are proud to have a exclusive partnership  with the world leaders and inventors of ultrasonic technology Ültransmit’.  Their name is proudly mentioned on all our packaging and on the underside base off all our diffuser products.

Lively Living Essential Oils

Essential oils are the life force of flowers and plants. They are sourced from naturally occurring compounds found not only in leaves and petals, but also the seeds, barks, stem, and roots of plants of every botanical species and origin from every country around the globe.

The healing properties unique to each essential oil have been studied and documented for centuries for their therapeutic benefits and holistic solutions to emotional, physiological and preventative conditions. Essential oils can be used topically and aromatically, and can be blended to produce exquisite fragrances with different therapeutic benefits.

The powerful properties contained in each drop of pure Lively Living essential oil offer a wide range of benefits perfectly suited to today’s fast-paced, environmentally-challenged world.

An essential blend contains two or more complimentary oils that work together in synchronicity to deliver a greater therapeutic dynamic than a single oil alone. Lively Living blends contain oils that work together in harmony and synergy, customised and handcrafted to maximise balance and performance.

Pure blends professionally crafted by qualified aromatherapists using premium grade essential oils offer a safe, natural way to support the mind, body, and soul. They can be customised to target specific emotional and physiological needs and requirements, and can be tailored to reduce stress, promote sleep, elevate moods, and compliment many other lifestyle factors where wellbeing can be enhanced through natural balance.

Every Lively Living essential oil blend has been carefully chosen for it’s health-promoting properties.  The end result is a concentrated combination of pure essential oils that smell divine and work for the wellbeing of the whole family.

Yes, 99 % of our essential oil range is certified organic by the ACO , Australian Certified Organic, and we aim to only source and offer essential oils that are certified organic where possible.

ACO, is a third party certification organisation whom have very strict criteria and standards to be approved and qualify to gain their certification. They are known as the strictest in the world.

Unfortunately there is no controls over packaging of essential oils in Australia, so this allows business to use words like ‘pure’, ”natural’, ‘órganic’ on their essential oil packaging, when in actual fact the essential oil could be mixed with anything at all, including chemicals and low quality fillers, and be be farmed with chemicals too.
The ONLY way to ensure that the quality of the essential oil is genuine and organic is to be ‘certified organic’ and have independent certification , as we do with the ACO.

We are proud to offer the largest range of certified organic essential oil blends in Australia, and are committed to offering the highest quality available and proving it with certified organic certification.

Buying certified organic means you are buying quality you can trust.

Our range is Certified Organic by the ACO. Australian Certified Organic whom have the strictest requirements in the world to gain their certification and approval number.

By being Certified Organic , you can be assured that only the highest quality organic oils are in your Lively Living essential oil, there are no fillers, and no chemicals or sprays were used in the growing of the plants, and our manufacturing premises meet high certification standard requirements too.

Lively Living is a cruelty free business. We do not test our ingredients, product prototypes or finished products on animals. Further more, part of the conditions to gain certified organic certification with ACO, (Australian Certified Organic) is that the products are not tested on animals and are compliant.

Our essential oils are pure and certified organic, and they are very potent.

If you are wanting to ingest essential oils to treat a medical condition, we highly recommend you seek guidance from a trained practitioner or Aromatherapist, whom can guide you and understands your condition.
Ingestion of essential oils in general should only be done if you have extensive knowledge of oils and the correct dosages.

There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy including diffusing with a Lively Living diffuser, applying topically mixed with a carrier oil, adding a few drops to a bath or show floor

We are a Australian business based on the Gold Coast and have been in operation since early 2013. Our essential oils are bottled and blended here in Australia and most are Certified Organic by the ACO, (Australian Certified Organic).

However, whilst many of our oils are sourced from with in Australia, we also source our essential oils from where they are grown in their native environment and as such produce their best active ingredients and direct from organic farmers around the world to meet our certified organic and quality assurance standards.

Lively Living essential oils are certified organic and the highest quality. Though just as care should be taken using essential oils with humans, the same applies to our pets too.
Dogs and cats have far more advanced olfactory systems than we do, and as such, are more sensitive to essential oils.

Never leave opened bottles around pets, and always make sure that the pet is able to leave the room if they wish. For example, you would never lock a pet in the laundry with a diffuser operating, and keep your diffuser out of reach of your pet too.

If you notice any changes in your pets behaviour, including changes of eating habits, we then recommend to stop using that essential oil.

it is also re assuring that pets can benefit from aromatherapy just as humans do and they may be drawn to calming type of blends.

Lively Living Sleep Aids

The Aroma-Snooze helps your child to get to sleep easier and stay asleep

The Red LED helps get your child to sleep by producing the hormone melatonin. Commonly known as the sleep hormone, it increases drowsiness and produces deeper, longer periods of  sleep through the night. The red light has a unique breathing light feature which allows you to choose the brightness intensity, and is also calming. The Aroma-Snooze colour changing lights are soothing and  ideal to incorporate into your childs bedtime routine before changing to Red LED light for sleep.

Every child is different.  The Aroma-Snooze has 5 sound choices to use.  The sounds blocks external loud noises that might disturb them and has the added benefit of increasing the deepest level of sleep (delta wave sleep). Your child  will find it easier to get back to sleep if they happen to wake earlier than morning.

The Aroma-Snooze produces a purified mist from ultrasonic technology. This improves the air , and makes a better sleeping environment.

The Snooze Blend included in the main bundle is a large 15ml Certified Organic Blend, created using only  the finest certified organic essential oils and is a premium blend to support sleep.

Yes they can .

The Music, Lights and Mist are all controlled by their own buttons and can be used all together or individually on their own. You press the buttons of the features of which you want to use.

The sounds of the Aroma-Snooze  will continue to play on a continuous  loop , until you physically turn them off.  This is ideal as you control the length of time you wish the music to stay on, as it would not be ideal to have the sound turn OFF  after a short time, or through out the night, as this  could disturb your child’s sleep.

The Aroma-Snooze MAX water level line/mark, is half way down inside the water well. It is NOT the line closer to the top where the lids sits on. If you overfill your Aroma-Snooze with excess water, the mist function will not work. Please empty water to below the MAX water level line if you accidentally overfill it.

No. In early 2020 we released a new version of the Aroma-Snooze sleep aid, which allowed the light and the sound functions to continue to operate regardless of if the water ran out or not. What this means is that the ultrasonic technology will still go into automatic switch off mode when the water runs out, though the light and the music will continue to stay on and will help your child to remain undisturbed.

Please note, there are several sleep aids on the market where the sounds or lights will only run for a short period, or the lights and sounds will switch off when there is no water left. This is not ideal for a child as this change in sleeping environment whilst sleeping could easily startle them as they sleep.

One of the reasons of the Aroma-Snooze sleep aids popularity, is that it has the ability for you to record your own voice, music or sound for up to 30 seconds, (into the machine) which can then play back on a continuous loop until switched off.

You may like to record

1. Your  own soothing words,  sounds or favorite music track

2. A good night message from grandma or a parent working away, that they can listen to before bed, before setting to one of the 5 sound choices for sleep.

3. Your own ‘Shushing’ sound, a sound recommended by world leading sleep experts as this replicates the sound a unborn child would hear in the womb

4. Positive affirmations to help bring out the best in your child.

Lively Living Delivery

We deliver to any physical location in Australia, covering all states and territories. Our low-cost shipping is available to retail customers at a flat fee of $9.95, with FREE delivery for orders $100 and over. We also offer a flat rate $15.00 Express post Shipping rate. Note. Large bulky parcels including the Safe Air Purifier cannot be sent express post.

Aramex, (formerly Fastway) , and Australia Post are Lively Living’s delivery service of choice for their wide network and demonstrated track record of safe, reliable, and efficient delivery.

Orders are automatically allocated to the service provider that is expected to arrive the quickest.

Orders placed by 10.00 am each day are generally dispatched the same day. Delivery times vary depending on location, but as a guide residents of Australia’s east coast Capital Cities and major towns and surrounding suburbs can expect to receive their order within 1-5 business days, and residents elsewhere in Australia, including remote and regional areas, should receive their order within 8-11 business days (excluding weekends and public holidays). It really depends where you are located, through please be reassured we focus on dispatching orders asap, and many in SE QLD may
receive your order the next day.

Yes, we offer a flat rate $15 fee to send your order express post with Australia Post. This option is available on the checkout page. Please simply opt for express post shipping and your order will be sent express post with Australia Post.

Whilst our shipping is generally considered fast, if you are wanting your order asap, or if you are in country WA or NT and would like your order asap, you may like the Express Post option.

Yes. Please simply fill in your P.O. Box delivery address in the address line at checkout and your order will be sent with Australia Post.

Lively Living Customer Service

We proudly stand by the quality and engineering of our ultrasonic aroma diffusers. Their state-of-the-art world-leading design and technology ensures you’ll enjoy years of use from your Livley Living diffuser.

If, however, you do experience a manufacturing issue within twelve months of purchase, the manufacturer offers a full warranty on the products. Please ensure you keep your receipt, and contact us at to discuss your claim if ordered via our web, or return the product to the place of purchase with your store receipt and the store will look after you and they will make the claim through us.