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  • Diffuse essential oils through out your home and work, and enjoy the wide benefits gained from aromatherapy, while also purifying the air you breathe. With advanced cool mist technology, Lively Livings Aroma-Dream allows you to disperse your favorite essential oils through the room safely, and without heat.
  • Lively Living diffusers cool mist technology offer advanced health and healing benefits. They produces healthy negative ions (anions)  to remove dust, germs and bacteria which float unseen in the air, to assist with breathing, improving sleep, enhancing wellbeing and air quality.


  • A compact diffuser with a large 400ml water capacity to run thought the whole night or day.
  • Has a warm white ‘breathing light’ feature which simulates a calm breathing pattern to calm and assist relaxation.
  • The warm white light can be set at any brightness intensity. This allows you to have a full light or a low dull light ‘set’ to suit yoru mood or needs.
  • The Aroma-Dream also has a colour changing light, which you can be set at any colour, including ‘red’.
  • To set the colour changing light to a  specific olour,
  • Has a optional timer feature with three timer choices, allowing you to set to a shorter period and switch off after a shorter time. (though the Aroma-Dream like all of our diffusers, will switch off when no water is left regardless).
  • Currently includes a 10ml Organic Winter Rescue oil valued at $20.95


  • 5 in 1 multifunctions
  • Operates up to 20 hours low mist mode
  • Optional timer function of 1, 3 & 6 hours
  • 400ml Water Capacity
  • Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology – no heat, so is safe
  • Auto switch off on low water level
  • Colour therapy/changing light, which may be set at any colour including red,  or switched off
  • Warm white LED gentle ‘breathing’ light which simulates a relaxed human breath to assist calming.
  • Compact, light weight ‘cube’ design


  • Natural oak wood-look base, or white base choices.
  • White Matte Lid
  • Product size 136 x 136 x 148 mm
  • Mist dispersion covers 30-35 sq/m
  • Operates 2.4 million Htz/sec


Please Note: The Aroma-Dream is available in either wood base or white base  which has a white lid. However, when the colour changing lights are activated, the light shines through the lid producing a lovely light glow. Any pictures displayed with a different colour lid, were taken with the light on. The light will cycle through many shades of colours, or can be set at the colour you choose.


10 reviews for AROMA-DREAM

  1. admin_julie (store manager)

    The Petersons (verified owner) – May 15, 2021
    With the Corona Virus situation, I was keen to start using diffusers and essential oils around the house and did my research and Lively Living appeared as the main supplier in Australia. Not only are their products beautiful and quality , but reasonably priced too. I ended up getting 3 of these Aroma-Dreams as i liked that they came with the bonus Immune Boost oil too. Such a great product and price and I have these placed in various the living areas in my home. Cant wait to try more oils and different diffuser styles.

  2. Sue Lock

    Sue Lock (verified owner) – May 13, 2021
    I love my Aroma Dream super quiet and nice strong vapour, fills a large area
    I use immune boost and romance together very nice smell

  3. Courtney

    Courtney (verified owner) – April 28, 2021
    I love the Aroma Dream! I have 3 of the Aroma Snoozes for everyone in my family, we sleep like logs! I wanted something for my main living area and the Aroma Dream in the wood look is the perfect addition to my collection. It holds 400ml of water and leaves the house smelling beautiful and feeling peaceful all day long. The lighting is soft for evenings reading books on the couch. Another winner guys, thank you!

  4. Nektaria (verified owner)

    Nektaria (verified owner) – April 24, 2021
    So pleased with the Aroma dream, super quiet and covers my lounge and hallway with a divine aroma, it’s my favourite so far from Lively Living range, I will buy more! Essentially oils are also of a high quality, will stock up on these very soon🙂

  5. Janice

    Janice (verified owner) – Feb 10, 2021
    We couldn’t decide which one to buy , but after making a call to Lively Living and letting them know my needs, they suggested a few options and I decided on the Aroma-Dream! Couldn’t be happier. My daughter was getting sick all the time and I was using one of those heated vaporisers and after spending some time on the phone with Lively Living , i got to understand fully why the Aroma-Dream would actually help her. her congestion cleared up quickly and touch wood , hasn’t been sick since

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