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7 Functions Overview

Are you looking for an all in one solution to help you and your family sleep?

1. Humidifier

The Aroma-Snooze humidifier function, will provide protection against dry air. The Aroma-Snooze uses safe ultrasonic technology to turn the room temperature water into a fine vapor and released as a mist through out the night. This will help relieve your child of dry irritated skin, and provide optimal breathing conditions, allowing your child to sleep comfortably.

2. Air Purifier & Ioniser

Our advanced Ultrasonic Technology creates healthy negative ions known as ‘anions’ during the ultrasonic vibration of the oscillator disc. Healthy negative ions are found abundantly in nature, and improve the air you breathe. These ‘healthy’ negative ions counteract positive ‘pollutant’ ions in the air, removing dust, germs and bacteria.

3. Five sound & music tracks

The Aroma-Snooze is equipped with 5 built in sound and music tracks. Pink Noise, Rain Sound, Heartbeat, Slow Rythm Lullaby, Gentle Lullaby. Pink Noise is a soothing sound frequency intrinsic to nature. Pink Noise helps to relax and calm your little ones to a restful sleep. Pink Noise is similar to ‘white noise’, though a different frequency and better for sleep.

4. Red LED light Sleep Therapy

Red light encourages the bodies natural production of melatonin which assists a child to fall asleep quickly and settle through the night. The Red light se ing has a unique ‘breathing light’ feature which simulates a calm breathing pattern, which is relaxing and soothing to your child. The red light may also be ‘set’ at various brightness intensities.

5. Colour Therapy Lights

The color changing lights of the Aroma-Snooze can be a great addition to a child's bedtime routine. Soft, calming colors can help them relax and wind down, prior to switching to the red light before sleep.

6. Voice & Sound Recorder

This unique built in sound recording feature allows you to record up to 30 seconds and then play back on a continuous loop.

Ideal to record your own ‘shushing’ sounds, comforting words & favourite tunes.

7. Aromatherapy

Includes 15ml Certified Organic ‘Aroma Snooze Remedy’ Essential Oil Blend (or your choice of a 15ml Organic Oil). We have curated a range of organic essential oils for children. When you diffuse the oils into the air the child will breathe in the therapeutic aromatic molecules and absorb very tiny amounts through their skin. Diffuse 365 days a year to encourage good health and sleep!

Why You will love


  • 7-in-1 compact machine for best sleep and best breathing, year round.
  • Cool mist technology, no condensation
  • 5 built in sounds. Clear quality speaker.
  • Unique Voice Recorder function with lopped playback.
  • Australian made, child safe, organic oils.
  • Suitable for all ages of the family, from newborns to adults
  • Lightweight, compact & portable.

Why Choose


  • Multi Award Winning Sleep Aid Vaporiser
  • Leading manufacturer, Quality machine
  • Endorsed by Sleep Consultants & Pediatric Specialists
  • All sounds and lights can stay on indefinitely. A must for best sleep environment.
  • 30 Night Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Same Day Dispatch

An overview of the
Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid

How to use the Aroma-Snooze
+ Listen to the 5 sleep tracks on this video

Aroma-Snooze Plus



Aroma-Snooze Plus

Water Capacity





Yes - Larger mist output



Yes - Optional, 2, 4, 8 hrs

Red Light



Colour Changing Light



5 Built in music tracks

Pink Noise, Rain Sound, Heartbeat,
Slow Lullaby, Gentle Lullaby

Pink Noise, Rain Sound, Heartbeat,
Slow Lullaby, Medatation

Built in Voice Recorder

Record up to 30 seconds & loops

Record up to 3 min & loops

Bluetooth Connectivity



Designer Covers


Yes - 2x interchangable designer covers

Product size

15cm x 15cm

21.5cm x 16cm

Remote Control


Yes - wireless hand held




Essential Oil Included



30 night satisfaction guarantee



Frequently Asked Questions

One of the reasons of the Aroma-Snooze sleep aids popularity, is that it has the ability for you to record your own voice, music or sound for up to 30 seconds, (into the machine) which can then play back on a continuous loop until switched off.

You may like to record

  • Your own soothing words, sounds or favorite music track
  • A good night message from grandma or a parent working away, that they can listen to before bed, before setting to one of the 5 sound choices for sleep.
  • Your own ‘Shushing’ sound, a sound recommended by world leading sleep experts as this replicates the sound a unborn child would hear in the womb
  • Positive affirmations to help bring out the best in your child.

All of the essential oils are certified organic by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) ensuring the highest quality and purity available.

Aroma-Snooze Blend (Oil): Organic Australian Sandalwood, Organic Cedarwood, Organic Bergamont, Organic Palmarosa, Organic Geranium, Organic Lavender, Organic Lavender, Organic Orange.

Child Calming Remedy: Organic Sweet Orange Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Mandarin Oil, Organic Roman Chamomile Oil

Winter Rescue Remedy: Eucalyptus Radiata Oganic Oil, Lavender Organic Oil,tea Tree Organic Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

Sensitive Child: Organic Sweet Orange, Organic Lavender, Organic Non-phototoxic Bergamot, Organic Patchouli, Organic Vetiver, Organic Roman Chamomile

Sniffles & Chest: Sweet Marjoram, Organic Sweet Orange, Organic Olibanum Frankincense, Organic Thyme Linalool Type, Organic Cedarwood Atlas

Hush Little Baby: Organic Lavender, Organic Sweet Orange, Organic Mandarin, Organic Australian Sandalwood, Organic Chamomile

We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee (when purchased through our website). If at the end of the 30 Days you wish to return your Aroma-Snooze, simply mail it back to us at P.O Box 377 Mudgeeraba 4213 QLD. with your full order details included and once received back, we will refund your purchase price through the website.

The Aroma- Snooze holds 300ml of water and the mist will operate for approx. 10 hours on continuous mist and 18 hours on intermittent mist mode.

A unique and exciting feature of the Aroma-Snooze is that the music and lights will continue to remain on , regardless of if the water has run out or not.

It is important that the music and lights remain constant through the whole night, for a constant sleeping environment. This means the music and lights will continue to operate as long as you like, and not risk turning off half way through the night.

The mist will switch off automatically when there is no water left.

There are 8 Volume Levels from 0-75 decibels (approx.) incrementing in approximately 10 decibels each level. This allows you to set the volume at a level that is comfortable and suited to your child.

Lively Living pioneered cool mist, ultrasonic technology into Australia in early 2013, and have helped over 500 000 families with this new diffuser technology. We are proud to be recognised as Australia’s leading supplier in this field. With the growing demand of a superior quality and natural Sleep Aid, we released the Aroma-Snooze in early 2019 with new and innovative features that has seen a massive change in families sleep.

Unlike other diffusers, the Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid combines world-leading technology to help your little one drift off to dreamland and to set up good sleep hygiene for the rest of their life. Advanced features set the Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid apart, like the five built-in music tracks that provide your bub with lullabies to soothe them to sleep. A red LED light helps to promote melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone. As well as prerecorded calming noises, the Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid allows you to record your own shushing noises, settling your little one with your voice, even when you’re not in the room.

The Aroma-Snooze helps your child to get to sleep easier and stay asleep
The Red LED helps get your child to sleep by producing the hormone melatonin. Commonly known as the sleep hormone, it increases drowsiness and produces deeper, longer periods of sleep through the night. The red light has a unique breathing light feature which allows you to choose the brightness intensity, and is also calming. The Aroma-Snooze colour changing lights are soothing and ideal to incorporate into your childs bedtime routine before changing to Red LED light for sleep.
Every child is different. The Aroma-Snooze has 5 sound choices to use. The sounds blocks external loud noises that might disturb them and has the added benefit of increasing the deepest level of sleep (delta wave sleep). Your child will find it easier to get back to sleep if they happen to wake earlier than morning.
The Aroma-Snooze produces a purified mist from ultrasonic technology. This improves the air , and makes a better sleeping environment.
The Snooze Blend included in the main bundle is a large 15ml Certified Organic Blend, created using only the finest certified organic essential oils and is a premium blend to support sleep.

As well as acting as a humidifier to ease baby’s breathing and soothe dry skin while they sleep, the Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid can be used with any of our Lively living organic essential oil blends. It will gently release fragrant air into your child’s room — creating a relaxing and tranquil environment they will associate with sleep time. Choose one of our specially formulated oil blends for nap time like Aroma Snooze, Child Calming, Winter Rescue and Sensitive Child, select a bundle from our selection, or choose a blend to aid with congestion and sniffles.

Yes, they can.

The Music, Lights and Mist are all controlled by their own buttons and can be used all together or individually on their own. You press the buttons of the features of which you want to use.

The gentle and sleep-promoting lights and sounds of the Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid make it ideal to be placed on a nightstand or change table near your little one’s bed or crib. An elevated position out of their reach will allow the humid aroma infused air to gently waft around the room, creating the perfect conditions for your baby or child to settle and self settle during nighttime disturbances

The light and the sounds will continue to operate indefinitely until you turn the functions off manually with the buttons.

If the water is depleted, the ultrasonic technology will go into automatic switch off mode when the water runs out, though the light and the music will continue to stay on and will help your child to remain undisturbed.

Please note, there are several sleep aids on the market where the sounds or lights will only run for a short period, or the lights and sounds will switch off when there is no water left. This is not ideal for a child as this change in sleeping environment whilst sleeping could easily startle them as they sleep.

Choose Your Aroma Snooze Bundle

Aroma-Snooze 7 in 1 Sleep Aid Humidifier

Aroma-Snooze 7 in 1 Sleep Aid Humidifier


Aroma-Snooze Plus - 8 in 1 Humidifier Kit + Oil + Bonus Covers

Aroma-Snooze Plus - 8 in 1 Humidifier Kit + Oil + Bonus Covers


Sniffle Survival Bundle - Aroma-Snooze Plus + Nasal Aspirator USB Rechargeable + 2 Oils

Sniffle Survival Bundle - Aroma-Snooze Plus + Nasal Aspirator USB Rechargeable + 2 Oils


Aroma-Snooze 7 in 1 Sleep Aid + 2 Organic Oils

Aroma-Snooze 7 in 1 Sleep Aid + 2 Organic Oils


Trusted By Over 500,000 Happy Customers

Trusted By Over 500,000
Happy Customers