What is the Best Essential Oil Diffuser for me?

Are you looking for the best aromatherapy diffuser to suit your needs ?
Lively Living offer the largest range of Ultrasonic Diffusers in Australia, plus  have exclusive rights to the Ultransmit patented  manufacturing technology,  ensuring a superior quality and range of styles which you can purchase with confidence.
Nothing beats the feeling and invigorates the senses more than breathing in a fresh and delightful aroma –especially when it is natural, safe and has wellbeing benefits.
This is why ultrasonic essential oil diffusers continue to grow in  popularity in both  household and office spaces  Australia wide.
Did you know Lively Living pioneered Ultrasonic Diffuser Technology into Australia in early 2013? Having specialised in quality cool mist ultrasonic diffusers and organic essential oils for 9 years, we have a extensive range which is second to none.
So which diffuser is best for you? 
To start with, All Lively Living diffusers, are manufactured by the same world leading manufacturer, (Ultransmit, the inventors of cool mist ultrasonic technology),   all offer amazing benefits,  yet each differ slightly in features.
Some different features relate to;
  • Water Capacity - Larger water capacity generally offers a longer running time
  • Mist Out-Put - A larger mist out put can have the mist travel further in a room.
  • Aesthetics - The style, shape, colour and materials are important -  if you LOVE your diffuser, you will tend to use it more.
  • Optional Timer Feature - All our diffusers will turn off when the water is depleted, though some styles have a optional timer, which will turn off after a shorter 2, 4 , or 6 hour timer setting.
  • Music Options - Built in music or blue tooth connectivity
  • Sterlization Function - As incorporated into the Safe Air Purifer

To make your selection  easier for you, we have broken down some of our  diffusers  into practical groups. 


If you are seeking a diffuser to run for most of the day or all through the night, you ideally want a style which holds a minimum 200ml water capacity. In the Lively Living range, these include.

  • 1.8 Litre Capacity : Safe Air Purifier
  • 700ml Capacity: Aroma-Cloud Diffuser
  • 500ml Capacity: Aroma-Home Diffuser
  • 400ml Capacity: Aroma-Dream Diffuser
  • 300ml Capacity: Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid Diffuser, Aroma-Chill Diffuser, Aroma-Elm Diffuser
  • 200ml Capacity: Aroma-Bloom Diffuser, Aroma-Breeze Diffuser
Diffusing essential oils can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience and it is   important that your diffuser is visually appealing to suit your mood and decor.  If you are looking for a diffuser which is unique and special in appearance,  with a  wow factor you may like to consider these styles. (Each of these styles hold a mid size water capacity of 130ml
  • Aroma-Swirl Diffuser: Glass Cover, in three different swirl colours, with mood lights which glow through the glass.
  • Aroma-Swish Diffuser: Glass Cover, available in 3 different glass finishes, with mood lights which glow through the glass
  • Aroma-Jewel Diffuser: Large Glass Cover, which features beautiful mood lighting effect
  • Aroma-Fern Diffuser: Cover made with ceramic covers, with a natural or green leaf design.
  • Aroma-Elise Diffuser: Cover made with a natural resin material
  • Aroma-Gem Diffuser: Glass Cover in a unique white / splash finish
  • Aroma-Zen Diffuser: Glass Cover in matt white for a simple minimalistic look.

  • Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid Vaporiser: A hugely popular style with unique, additional features to put your child to sleep. The Aroma-Snooze Features FIVE built in music tracks, of Pink Noise (white noise), Heart Beat, Rain Sound, and two Lullaby Tracks. Plus the Aroma-Snooze has a built in voice recorder to record your own sounds to play on a loop.
  • Aroma-Chill Diffuser: Is the same 'style' as the Aroma-Snooze, though offers blue tooth connectivity to allow you to connect and play your own choice of music, (does not have the built in music or voice recorder).
  • The Aroma-Sound Music Diffuser:  Also has 6 built in relaxation tracks, with a glass cover and is remote controlled.

Aroma-snooze Sleep Aid + Organic Oil

These popular styles are ideal to  diffuse essential oils easily in the car, travelling or via USB

  • Aroma-Move Diffuser: Designed for the Car, the Aroma-Move, sits in most car cup holders and comes with 2 power cords, one to plug into a lighter socket in your car or caravan, the other is a standard wall cord for the home.
  • Aroma-Mod Diffuser: Cute and compact, with a USB cord to plug into a computer. Great small size for travelling.  (or use with your own  usb plug adapter for the wall).
  • Aroma-Birch: Another great USB diffuser, though with a slighter larger 100ml water capacity
  • Aroma-Stone:
  • Aroma-Rose:


Ok, so your seeking a practical oil diffuser style,  that is not too big or too small, but still looks great ?
  • Aroma-O'mm: Bamboo diffuser, 100ml capacity
  • Aroma-Flare: A popular mid size style, i n 4 colours , 80ml capacity
  • Aroma-Moon: Slim line, minimalistic design, white diffuser, 180ml
  • Aroma-Earth: Made with wood pulp. Natural with colour lights. 100ml
  • Aroma-Lily: Tall slim line design, white cover with colour lights, 80ml
  • Aroma-Dew: Low,  flat, round design, in wood or white,  80ml
  • Aroma-Drift: Dual mist options including a mesmerising floating mist. 120ml
  • Aroma-Seed: A simply understated design. Natural-white cover, colour lights, 80ml.
Aroma-flare Diffuser
Whether you are selecting your first or fifth diffuser for your family, home and work space, you will  be thrilled with the quality and range of diffusers and essential oils which Lively Living offer.
You can download our comparison chart here Comparison Charts
We are also only a phone call away if you want personal assistance. 0412 521118
Lively Living diffusers and essential oils are sold in many health, well-being, gift and baby stores Australia wide, or can be purchased directly on our website.