Using Ultrasonic diffusers to detoxify your home

We’re all a little unsettled and reaching for certainty and wellbeing strategies right now. Many are paying careful attention to revitalising and detoxifying homes, as we’re all spending more time at home and indoors to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic.
The small shifts you make in your day-to-day lives really are making a big difference. Thankyou!
And while we’re adjusting and self-isolating, introducing our home to the benefits of an Ultrasonic Diffuser can protects your home’s wellness, and helps you feel naturally stronger.
⁠We shine the spotlight on how Lively Living Ultrasonic Diffusers  can combat harmful micro-organisms in your air and help naturally purify and protect every corner of your home.

Breathing goodness from the touch of a button

State-of-the-art ultrasonic diffusing technology not only freshens your home, but also provides safer, earth-friendly purification and improves breathing.
When you use a Lively Living Ultrasonic Diffuser, you’re immediately breathing in the therapeutic benefits of ultrasonic vibrations. It’s as natural as you can get, like a walk in the great outdoors.
The rapid vibration of water releases a cool mist which carries loads of oxygen and more healthy negative ions into the air. So just as we find in nature, the air is much better for us.
While we’re spending more time in our homes right now ultrasonic diffusing technology can work fast to counteract the pollutant positive ions we find in the air from the electromagnetic radiation of TV’s and computers.
You’re also purifying and refreshing your home while instantly removing pathogens.
Adding essential oils just doubles that benefit with aromatherapy kickstarting a host of additional benefits.
Revitalise and balance with essential oils

Let’s talk about what diffusers can encourage and revitalise. They’re must-have’s in humidifying the air and releasing negative ions to remove dust, germs and bacteria.
And just as we all turn to nature when we need a good dose of improved air quality and a balanced sense of health and contentment, those same healthy negative ions stimulated through diffusers can improve air quality, encourage restfulness and elevate wellbeing.
Adding your favourite essential oils helps you further harness the healing power of plants as you disperse a fine mist of essential oils safely through out each room.
Lively Living Diffuser’s advanced cool mist technology means this heat-free system is preserving the full properties and you’re breathing in 100% of the natural goodness of your favourite essential oil blends.
Whatever you need to get you through this time, you can find release through blends that can bring you energy, comfort, positivity or relaxation.
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Encouraging sleep
We’ve got a lot on our minds right now, and we can all use a good night’s sleep.
Diffusing essential oils like Lively Living’s Aroma Snooze Blend / Relaxation / Organic Sleep  before bed helps slow down your system and sends a signal to your body that it’s time to rest. Placing an Aroma Diffuser in your bedroom before sleep time optimises the restful atmosphere and welcomes you into a calming and soothing slumber. Diffusers are a sleep ritual worth tucking up at night with.
Create calm in time of worry
We’re turning on the news each day and being flooded with alarming updates, we’re checking in with family and friends we can’t be with. We’re adjusting to absorbing work and study changes that has impact on how we live and what our future looks like. With this in mind, self-care is so important right now, and Aroma Diffusers really are an uplifting way to bring positivity and peace of mind into your everyday during these challenging times.
Personalising your spaces
Australian’s are hunkering down and preparing to spend more time inside during self isolation and lockdown periods. You deserve to spend this safe time inside surrounded by things that make you happy and reflect your personality. Lively Living’s stylish range of Aroma Diffusers and Vaporisers means you can mix and match a look to fit your home décor.
Our Diffusers soothing lights can be set to moods and interior style preferences, which further stimulates colour therapy benefits. Whether you’ve got a city apartment or a busy family home, we’ll help you personalise your favourite styling for each and every room while purifying your air and balancing your wellbeing.
Find your own wellness flow as you diffuse and detoxify your home and health.
We’d love to support your wellness at home, especially at this time when Novel Coronavirus has us focussed on home-based defence and protection. We’re no strangers to being a part of wellbeing and immunity support. For over 7 years we’ve been committed to manufacturing and distributing essential oils and ultrasonic diffuser technology for the wellness or all Australians.
Wishing you wellness today and always, from the Lively Living team.
Lively Living’s Aroma Diffusers and Vaporisers are stylishly integrated with state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology. Order yours today 

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