Diffuser Vs Vaporiser Vs Humdifier - What's the difference & the best for you?

When choosing the right type of product for your child, family and home, you want the best. 
Here at Lively Living we offer the largest range of diffusers, vaporisers and humidifiers in Australia and have specialised in this field since we pioneered ultrasonic cool mist technology into Australia in early 2013.
You will regularly hear the term diffuser, vaporiser and humidifier commonly used referring to the same product. This is because essentially each word refers to water being turned into a fine mist vapor, which each three does, though there are differences as well.

The term diffuser is generally described as the unit used to disperse essential oils into the atmosphere. Diffusers use cool mist ultrasonic technology to break the water down into a vapor and are popular as they keep essential oils in their purest form, as no heat is used in the process.
These aroma diffusers are used in all rooms of the home, office, and car and come in many different shapes and materials.  They are loved by essential oil enthusiasts, and those seeking a natural approach to their wellbeing. Aromatherapy diffusers are safe, effective, and have a auto switch off when the water level is depleted. Lively Living offer the best and largest range of diffusers in Australia.  Diffusers may come in small travel size diffusers, aesthetic glass and decorative styles, and large, long running styles suited to run all day or night in any room of your home.


The term Vaporiser stemmed from older style hot air machines that mums would use to help a sick child. However these heated vaporisers which used a heat source to turn water to a steam, also caused condensation, mould and a cycle of more sickness and ill health. In fact many doctors and pharmacists would need to warn parents to only use them occasionally, or at least leave the door wide open to allow the unwanted condensation to escape the room.
With the invention of Lively Living cool mist technology, this saw a welcome relief to this problem as a childs health could improve quickly, and were  a much safer alternative.  Our Aroma-Snooze Cool Mist Vaporiser has won many awards and is the best choice for your childs wellbeing.  Whist all of our long running cool mist  aroma diffusers can be used in a childs room at night, the Aroma-Snooze Cool Mist Vaporiser has many features including  a 300ml capacity, 5  built in music, a built in voice recorder, Red LED sleep light, all to ensure a great nights sleep as well as improved breathing and well-being.





Whilst the Aroma-Snooze and other diffusers in our range, all humidify the air as they are each adding a light moisture to the air to eliminate dry air conditions, there is also options of larger units which still use cool mist technology, though focus on covering larger room spaces and providing more mist to relieve dry air.
We believe our Cool Mist Aroma-Haven Humidifier Diffuser is the perfect choice for those wanting to improve dry air conditions throughout many rooms in the whole house, with the one machine.


Lively Living are proud to offer the best range of difusers, vaporisers and humdifiers in Australia, each with, world class designs and proven safe world leading technology that you can rely on for years to come.
Each of our diffusers, vaporisers and humdifiers can be used with our large range of certified organic essential oils for every member of the family.
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