Natural Cleaning: Top tips for using essential oils to clean your home

At Lively Living we love to share the countless ways to use essential oils to enrich your environment. We’ve talked about the multi-faceted health benefits of using essential oils for everything from reclaiming sleep to reducing stress, uplifting your mood, and supporting your immune system. This week, however, we’re moving the focus to one of the most important environments of all … the family home.
Did you know the natural cleansing, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties contained in each tiny drop of essential oil make it the ideal all-purpose household cleaner?
With the increasing movement towards low-tox living, many people are seeking alternatives to the harsh chemical-laden cleaning products on the supermarket shelves.  The good news is there’s an economical, 100% natural, environmentally-friendly solution to pretty much every common household cleaning requirement.
At Lively Living, we’re passionate advocates for a healthy mind, a healthy body, and a healthy planet! Read on to learn more about the natural, alternative solutions to make every part of your home sparkling clean from the kitchen, to the bathroom, and beyond.
Lively Living’s  Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner
It’s amazing to think that a few drops of essential oil in a spray bottle mixed with water and vinegar can transform into such a powerful cleaner. Our antibacterial all-purpose cleaner allows you to replace many of the chemical cleaners you keep under your sink with one bottle of natural aromatic goodness!
To make your own essential oil cleaner at home, you’ll need: 
Simply add the essential oils to your spray bottle, and top with half vinegar / half water. Screw the lid back on and shake to thoroughly combine.
You’re now equipped with a powerful product you can use in countless ways around your home. Once you discover the difference our essential oil all-purpose cleaner can make in your household, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.
Lively Living’s top tips for cleaning your home naturally. Our all-purpose cleaner is perfect for:
  • Kitchen benchtops
  • Stainless steel surfaces
  • Bathroom surfaces
  • Wiping down bins
  • Removing soap scum
  • Mopping floors
  • As a furniture polish
  • Cleaning inside fridges
  • Hygiene for toilet seats
  • Cleaning coffee grinders
  • Tackling mould
  • Repelling insects
  • Cleaning grimy sinks
  • Removing sticker residue
These tips will see you not only sail through the housework, you’ll also be saving money and reducing the chemicals and toxins in your home. Your Lively Living essential oils are 100% pure and certified organic so a little goes a long way! You’ll be rewarded with a sparkling, hygienically clean home and a refreshing, uplifting fragrance.
If you’ve already been enjoying the emotional and physiological benefits of aromatherapy, we hope we’ve introduced some additional ways you can unleash the benefits of essential oils. Try Lively Living’s all-purpose 100% antibacterial home cleaner, and we’re certain you’ll find it an indispensable addition to your family home!
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