How to make your own Christmas gifts with essential oils

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – a time to share unexpected gifts bringing joy to others. Why not be a merry maverick this year and make your own Christmas presents with essential oils?
The essence of Christmas is one you can create yourself, filled with essential oils to bring wellbeing to teachers, workmates, neighbours, family and friends.
These simple home-made ideas will instantly add that festive and personal touch to your gift giving.
  1. Bath bombs and shower steamers

  • 20 oz (2 cups) of baking soda
  • 10 Oz (½ cup) citric acid
  • Use gloves to push dry ingredients through a sieve and mix to get rid of clumps
  • Add 18 ml drops of Joy blend featuring organic sweet orange, lime and frankincense oils to foster optimism, purpose and peace
  • Mix together by hand
  • Spritz with witch hazel (or water) to achieve the consistency of wet sand so that the mixture holds its shape
  • Add crushed, dried flower petals or lavender (optional)
  • Firmly press in silicone moulds or ice cube trays
  • Dry overnight
  • Remove from moulds and wrap in festive tissue paper
  • A perfect way to start or end the day – they dissolve in baths and showers.
2) Tree and gift tag decorations
  • Create one of a kind air-dry or polymer gift tags or tree decorations (it’s a top children’s activity too)
  • Roll out your air-dry clay
  • Use cookie cutters to create shapes like hearts, circles, snowflakes, stars and trees
  • For extra embellishment roll lace material over the top to leave an imprint, apply rubber stamps or add glitter
  • Place a small hole with a straw at the top of your decoration
  • Place on a baking tray and dry according to clay package instructions
  • Add a few drops Vitality blend to the bottle featuring uplifting and rejuvenating organic lemongrass, cinnamon leaf, lemon, lime, cinnamon bark, rosemary and patchouli
  • It’s now ready to hang with string on a tree or as a scented gift tag
  • You might like to gift it with the blend you’ve used for the scent to be refreshed.
3) Festive Feels rolls
Slide these essential oil rollers into someone’s Christmas stocking for a perfect gift for someone on the go.
  • You’ll need a 10ml roll-on glass bottle and pure fractionated coconut oil as your carrier oil
  • Apply 10 drops of Harmony blend with organic cedarwood, bergamot and geranium to foster unity and balance to the clay and smear across the surface with your fingers to help it soak in
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil
  • Let it settle before use and shake before applying
  • Create a personalised label detailing the ingredients, and instructions to apply on wrist, temple and back of neck, and advise to patch test first.
4) Christmas crackers
Get your bon bons on and make your own Christmas crackers
  • Save spare toilet roll and gather stylish wrapping paper and garden twine to secure the ends
  • Inside each cracker place a Lively Living essential oil blend and a personal note for how to use the blend.
  • For a celebratory bon-bon pop in our Positivity blend encouraging goodwill, clarity and a positive outlook with organic lime, mandarin, ylang ylang, bergamot and spearmint.
Simple home DIY’s from our hearts to yours. Wishing you festive joy from the Lively Living team.