How does ‘organic’ make a difference?

How does ‘Organic’ make a difference?

By choosing Certified Organic Essential Oils, you’re filling your home with harmony, health and purity while making a difference. Discover at all the ways ‘Organic’ does good in the world!.

Australian Certified Organic

Our commitment to the highest quality essential oils, means we only choose organic ingredients and processes that meet strict certified standards. Australian Certified Organic is one of the strictest in the world! It’s an industry mark, an endorsement that we value, and hope you do too. The ACO is an independent sign of high standards that are routinely tested. It’s our promise to you of products whose purity you can trust. By supporting Certified Organic Essential Oils, you’re preventing harmful ingredients from being harvested, brought into our homes, diffused into the air and into your bodies. There is so much unnecessary toxicity, and we want to do something about it, whilst improving your health and wellbeing at the same time.

All the ways ‘certified organic’ does good in the world

When you buy organic products you’re demanding quality and we support you in that. In essential oils, quality comes from the purity of the ingredients. Certified Organic Essential Oils are one of the simplest examples of the effectiveness of organic farming and processing. Compare a cheap oil with an organic essential oil and you can immediately tell the difference!

Fair Trade Principles

We support Australian Certified Organic’s social responsibility initiatives, including fair trade practices.
For a sustainable future
Biodiversity and land regeneration is central to the practice of organic farming. Certified organic farms reduce the impact of farming on the surrounding environment and increase water efficiency to ensure sustainability.
Eliminating harmful chemicals
As ambassadors for the purity of Certified Organic Essential Oils, this one sits very close to our heart. The Australian Certified Organic Standard prohibits the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.
No synthetic colouring or fragrances
Our Certified Organic Essential Oils do not contain synthetic colouring agents or fragrances, or petroleum products. They are 100% pure organic essential oils, with no fillers or carrier oils mixed either!
Say no to animal testing
We love animals and like most Australians, have owned many pets that have become part of the family. We do not want animals to be used in laboratory testing, do you? The Australian Certified Organic Standard prohibits animal testing. Please say NO to animal testing!
Rejecting GMO
Certified Organic products are not genetically modified, a practice mostly seen in foods like corn, soybean, cotton and canola. Even farmed fish and animal by-products, and plants and fruits used to create essential oils  can be modified in this way.
Is it a genuine Organic product?
Our focus in creating our range is to include Certified Organic oils where possible. Look for the Australian Certified Organic logo. It is proudly displayed on the packaging of our Essential Oils and is your guarantee that the product has come through a strict process of growth, manufacture and processing.
In some instances though, this simply may not be available. Our Frankincense Boswellia Carterii is sourced from the mountains of Somalia, where there is very limited or no organic certification. However, it is still a 100% pure essential oil of the highest quality.
Does organic cost more?
Many organic products cost more in order to support the strict practices and guidelines of the industry. While the purest organic ingredients are essential to our products, our processes and business model help us keep the price of all our Certified Organic Essential oils refreshingly inexpensive for the purest quality available.
Thank you for choosing Certified Organic.
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