5 Simple Steps to Set your Intentions for 2023

As we start the new year, many are filled with mixed emotions and the possibilities of starting the year fresh. For many people, the holiday period has been a time to reflect and set new intentions for the year ahead.


We often think of goals, however we’re encouraging you to set intentions.

The difference between them is having a meaning behind the goal, and describing how you want to feel.


What are intentions? 

Intentions are lived each day and can be combined with goals to make them more realistic and achievable. When we set these intentions and take action each day we can progress toward a larger vision or change.


For example a goal could be to: “write in a gratitude journal each day” but an intention would be “write my gratitude journal each day to practice positive affirmations and revitalise my perspective”


Let’s put it into action…


Step one: 

Generating thoughts. Start by asking yourself, what will my ideal 2023 look like? what are my motivations? How do I want to feel?


Tip: Processing these thoughts in a moment of peace, after a workout or walk outside in nature can really help let your intuition come to you.


Step Two: 


Brainstorm your ideas, write down your thoughts and intentions on paper or in a journal to revisit them regularly. Having purpose behind each of these gives you extra motivation to create new habits that will serve a purpose. These new intentions could be as simple as “diffuse essential oils daily to promote a better wellbeing for myself and my family”


Tip: Try breaking up your intentions into categories – Mind, body, finance, health, life, relationships… this will give you a good head-start and make your intentions clear. Make it colourful and fun! (Hint: Try to avoid using red pen colours as they can give off unintentional negative emotions)


Step Three: 

With each intention, write how this can be achieved and what it looks like to you. Figure out your biggest priorities from your list of intentions and put more energy into those.


Tip: Write your intentions in order from highest priority to lowest, or rating each out of 10 to figure out what is most important to you in 2023.


Step Four: 

Take action. You don’t have to achieve every intention immediately but focus on taking action daily of the small steps to build up these new healthy habits.


Tip: Sometimes it’s better to discuss your intentions with your family and friends, to hold yourself accountable or to even achieve some of them together!


Step Five: 

Keep track of your intentions, upgrade or add to them and reward yourself throughout the year. If some of them don’t go to plan, set new ones that are more achievable and revisit them in the future.


Tip: for health intentions such as “grounding myself by going outside and doing a form of exercise 3x a week” you could keep track through personal progress photos, or even setting a schedule to go with friends.


Intentions can be as big or small as you make them, it’s definitely a great way to kick off the new year and head in the right direction.




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