10 reasons to introduce your family to the benefits of red led light therapy

Red Light Therapy is everywhere at the moment. It’s trending heavily on social media, it’s being discussed on lifestyle shows, and it’s a hot topic on health-related blogs and wellbeing forums. But what exactly is Red Light Therapy, and how can it benefit your family? For those of you who may be reading this with a strong cup of coffee in your hand from a poor night’s sleep, read on – we have good news!
What is Red Light Therapy?
Putting it simply, Red Light Therapy (RTL) is a therapeutic technique that harnesses low-level wavelengths of red light for a number of different medical, health, and wellbeing conditions, particularly when it comes to promoting restorative sleep.
How does Red Light Therapy work?
The benefits of using Red Light Therapy as a natural promoter of sleep are widely studied, and becoming increasingly celebrated around the world. Light impacts how we sleep, and plays a major role in our sleep cycles. For example blue light has a high colour temperature. Our body responds to blue light as if it were in broad daylight, which makes falling – and staying asleep – difficult. The effects of blue light are evidenced among the many studies surrounding blue-screened electronic devices (such as tablets and smartphones), and how excessive usage prior to bedtime can cause disruption as your body struggles to adapt to its sleep cycle.
Red light, on the other hand, sits at the other end of the spectrum with a low colour temperature. Numerous studies have found Red Light Therapy improves sleep quality, and helps ease your body into a natural sleep cycle.
Saving your sleep with Lively Living Aroma Diffusers
The benefits of Red Light Therapy are welcome news to people suffering from sleep disorders, and parents with newborns, toddlers, or young children, that find it hard to get to sleep or stay asleep.
Our range of boutique ultrasonic aroma diffusers all contain natural LED Lighting functions, with many able to switch to Red LED Lighting, including our popular Wood-Based Aroma-Bloom, large capacity Aroma-Dream and the recently-released Aroma-Snooze – the latest technology in natural sleep aids.
If reclaiming your sleep, or that of your little ones, is high on your wish list, it’s time to welcome Lively Living’s Red Light Therapy diffuser technology into your home. It will be one of the best gifts your family has ever received.
Here’s 10 good reasons why…
1. Sleep deprivation and insomnia can lead to a host of nasty side effects. When your body lacks sleep everything is effected from your memory, to your physical performance, and emotional wellbeing. The wave lengths of red light promote sleep and help restore your natural body clock.
2. You may have heard or melatonin, the naturally-occurring hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Being bathed in red light is scientifically proven to help produce melatonin for an easier transition to sleep.
3. No one quite understands the importance of sleep like a new parent! If you’ve got a newborn baby in the house, creating the right sleep environment from the start can help your baby settle more easily into a natural sleeping routine. Introduce Red Light Therapy into your baby’s nursery with the Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid Diffuser.
4. Just when your baby has settled into a regular sleeping pattern, along comes early childhood with its nightmares, night terrors, separation anxiety, and midnight toileting issues!  The soothing nature of red light wavelengths will assist in restoring a sense of calm in your child, and help ease them back to sleep (especially when combined with the power of pink noise).
5. Teenage years bring a new era of sleep challenges. Stresses dealing with school, study, and personal issues, combined with the erratic swing of hormonal change all contribute to a lousy night’s sleep. Help your teen put their best foot forward every day with Red Light Therapy.
6. Fast paced lifestyles and busy schedules affect us all. How many times have you lain awake while your mind races with everything from the unpaid electricity bill to the important email you forgot to send? Bathe your room in red light, and let staring at the ceiling be a thing of the past.
7. Sleep is your best friend when it comes to producing extra protein molecules that can strengthen your ability to fight infection. Team your Red Light Therapy aroma diffuser with a preventative blend such as Lively Living’s Winter Rescue Remedy Blend for a powerful combination of sleep and health promotion.
8. As we age, certain biological changes make sleep more difficult. Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that effects 50% of the elderly. If you’ve got an elderly family member who’s quality of life is impacted by insomnia, the Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid Diffuser could be a life changer.
9. “Too much screen time” – it’s the dilemma of our generation, especially when you take into account the blue glow from the screens of electronic devices – especially prior to bedtime – plays havoc with sleep. Red light helps negate the effects of excessive blue light exposure.
10. Red Light Therapy is 100% natural, portable, convenient, economical, and a safe non-intrusive addition to the bedroom of every family member. Why sacrifice your sleep when there’s a one-size-fits-all solution available?
Lively Living understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. Check out our groundbreaking, sleep-promoting aroma diffuser, Aroma-Snooze and its companion essential oil blend Aroma-Snooze Remedy, and welcome the benefits of Red Light Therapy into your home.