Why Choose the Aroma-Snooze Sleep Vaporiser for your child?

The Aroma-Snooze is a Game Changer when it comes to sleep and wellbeing for families!  Along side being recommended by some of Australia's best know Sleep Consultants, the Aroma-Snooze is recommended by just about every Australian mum whom owns one!
The Aroma-Snooze has gained a cult following around Australia. There really is nothing like it!
Here are some great tips to help you get the most out of your Aroma-Snooze and why it will be the best and must used product for your child!
  • Firstly,  we recommend using all features of the Aroma-Snooze in sickness and health, all year round  including babies and young children throughout the whole night and including their day naps.
  •  We recommend using the Aroma-Snooze from birth, though if you have a older child it is is never too late to introduce the Aroma-Snooze and essential oils into their bed time routine.
  • When introducing the Aroma-Snooze for the first time to a child over 2 years, take the time to explain to your child that the Aroma-Snooze is their new bedtime snoozing buddy, and will be part of their bedtime routine. Explain to them that their  ''Snooze" will help them feel and sleep better  and how magical sleep is for their growing minds and body's. Create a enchanting story about the mist,  the lights, the sounds and sleep.  When they are old enough, let the child choose their favourite in built sound, or record your own soothing sound on the inbuilt recorder.
  • We also recommend that you  take the Aroma-Snooze with you if the child stays away from home  in unfamiliar surroundings or when at grandmas or on holidays.
  • The Aroma-Snooze has 5 built in sound features Pink Noise. Rain Sound, Heart Beat and two lullabies,
  • We recommend creating a bedtime routine incorporating the sounds as ''sleep cues''.
  • Sound therapy is recommended by sleep consultants all over the world as it creates a consistent soothing sleep environment. Plus it blocks out unsettling distracting sounds like the television, family conversations, kids playing, dogs barking, birds chirping, or someone knocking at the door.
  • The Aroma-Snooze also has a built in voice recorder for you to record your own choice of sounds or words for up to 30 seconds, which will store in the unit to use next time, or until you  re-record over it.
  • All the sounds on the Aroma-Snooze and the voice recorder will play on a CONTINUOUS loop until your turn the sound button off manually. This is a extremely important feature. Whist there are other sleep machines on the market, NO OTHER  allow the sounds to operate on a continuous loop, or continue to operate  regardless if the water/ mist runs out. This feature was released in  Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid in early 2020. (other sleep machines / devices will normally turn the music off after a shorter number of hours, or when the water runs out.
  • This unlimited operating time/duration  of the sound feature (and the light features) of the Aroma-Snooze ensures that your child will not be startled or wakened by the sound turning off after a few hours, or half way through the night.
    • The sounds of the Aroma-Snooze are ALL BUILT IN to the Aroma-Snooze and  DOES NOT operate by BLUETOOTH. It is important to not use bluetooth in a childs  bedroom at night,  as  Bluetooth, a form of RF Radiation.  
  • Create a bedtime routine with the sounds/music. Half an hour before bed.. turn on the slow rhythm rock a bye baby lullaby. This will create a sleep cue for your child and  mean it is time to get ready for sleep. When it is time for sleep, switch the track to the Pink Noise, Rain Sound, Heart Beat, or your personalized pre-recorded sound. This will be a cue that it is time to sleep.
  • The Aroma-Snooze has 8 variant volume adjustments, from zero to around 75 decibels . The increments are gentle, though allow you to choose which volume suits your child best.



Babies, Children and even adults sleep better in a darkened room. So it is important to set up the bedroom appropriately from birth.
Our bodies interpret blue and white light as daylight, and studies show blue and green lights block the bodies own melatonin production (the body sleep hormone) , so even a 5-minute exposure to bright blue/white lighting can cause a drastic alerting effect, lasting up to 90 minutes on a childs sleep.
On the other hand,  long wavelengths of light, like red and amber lights, have been shown to have no negative effect on sleep or on the bodys  natural melatonin production. Red Light actually acts as virtual darkness, as far as the body and its melatonin production is concerned.

  • The Aroma-Snooze has various light settings. Red Light, Colour changing rainbow lights, and the ability to pause the light at any colour.
  • Red 'breathing' light which has a very gentle pulsating light from darker to lighter, We suggest pausing the light at the deeper red for sleeping.
  • We recommend placing the unit at eye level, so your little once can see it, as staring at the light can help drift them to sleep. If the child should wake during the night, the familiar red light will be comforting and help them to self settle back to sleep.
  • When mum is breast feeding at night, the red light is ample lighting for you to see your way through the room and comfortably feed your child.
  • The Aroma-Snooze incorporates advanced ultrasonic technology that immediately  turns the water to a fine vapor and travels through out the atmosphere improving the air you breathe.
  • This technology is manufactured by Ultransmit,  the world leaders and actual inventors of Ultrasonic Technology. You can have confidence knowing that the mist it self  has healthy negative ions to improve the air and the technology is SAFE. Lively Living  have a exclusive agreement with Ultransmit for our entire ultrasonic diffuser range, and we are thrilled that we could partner with them to produce the game changing Aroma-Snooze Sleep Vaporizer. In fact , we would not jeopardise  your familys health, safety or wellbeing  to work with any other manufacturer.
  • The mist purifies and improves the air quality, so we recommend you always to have the mist function operating,



  • We recommend to use the Aroma-Snooze Sleep Vaporiser from Birth with plain tap water, though we suggest that you wait to your child is 3 months before introducing just a drop of Lively Living Certified Organic Essential Oil into the water.  Essential oils are natural, though they are potent, and whilst your baby is so young and developing quickly their systems are still adjusting.
  • The Aroma-Snooze Starter Bundle allows you to choose from 6 of our popular  Child Specific Certified Organic Essential Oils. The Aroma Snooze Organic Oil  focus on sleep for all ages. In times of sickness and cooler weather you may like to switch to the organic  Winter Rescue Remedy (with premium Eucalyptus Radiata) , or Organic Sniffles & Chest .   Organic Child Calming Remedy is gentle and popular to diffuse for day time, and Organic Hush Little Baby is a wonderful and special blend.  Choose across our extensive range of oils for all ages, including some for your  own personal use, with the Choose Any 5 Pack  .
The Aroma-Snooze is easy to clean.
  • A simple and effective way to keep your Aroma-Snooze (or any of our diffusers) is to run a solution of white vinegar and water through on a complete cycle every few weeks .
  • Be mindful to not let potent essential oil residue left sitting in the bottom of the water well for extended periods between uses .
  • If over time you find the internal chamber starts to show essential oil discoloration, placing a few drops of a citrus oil on a dry cloth and wiping the unit out when dry will quickly remove the residue.