The Best Baby Vaporiser In Australia

Getting good quality sleep and breathing easily throughout the night is essential for babies and and children, but also for every member of the family. That is why are so  excited that the Aroma-Snooze Cool Mist Vaporiser with 6 in 1 multi functions  has taken Australia by storm and is recommended so strongly by every mum whom owns one.
A common question we are asked is " how does a vaporiser help a baby to sleep"? Vaporisers help to increase moisture in the air by releasing a vapor. This is particularly helpful in cooler weather when the air temperature drops causing dry air, and constant dry air can trigger irritations to the respiratory track results in stuffy noses, and also the skin including dry itchy skin, flaky skin,  and even eczema.
By restoring a light vapor back into the air, a ultrasonic vaporiser can assist to make the air,  home and sleeping  environment more comfortable to improve the familys sleep and general wellbeing.
The Aroma-Snooze does not use a heat source to create the vapor. Instead,  it uses high frequency vibrations that immediately turns water into a vapor with out the use of heat. The exciting part is that these ultrasonic vibrations break down the water molecule and release healthy negative ions into the air which will react and remove dust and germs floating in the air, creating a cleaner purer air to breathe.
Yes. Prior to cool mist ultrasonic technology, mums use to use a heated vaporiser that would use a heat source to turn large volumes of water into steam, which would be released into a childs bedroom at night. Whilst this warm air was helping on one level to open the airways, the down side of heated vaporisers was extremely negative. The steam would  turn into condensation and create a cold dampness in the room and generally leave the walls and curtains covered with wet moisture which is a breeding ground for mould. A child could also risk burning them selves on the "hot' machine , which were cumbersome and difficult to clean.
With the introduction of cool mist technology, there is no condensation formed and  you have the added benefit of a purified mist improving the air quality, rather then heated steam creating condensation and mould.  Lively Living cool mist ultrasonic technology will also switch off automatically when there is no water left.
No. Whist we use the term cool mist technology, the Aroma-Snooze uses room temperature water which does not impact on the temperature in the room.
To help with a children breathing and sleep, Lively Living have a range of  Certified Organic child oils to add  to the water, We recommend adding just a drop or two from 3 months of age, which will be diluted into the water and minute amounts travel with the mist , into the air. Our most popular oils in Winter are the Winter Rescue Remedy and the Aroma Snooze Organic Blend. Both are available as part of the Aroma-Snooze Starter set , or can be purchased separately too.
Along with the ultrasonic mist, the Aroma-Snooze also has a built in red light , 5 music tracks including the popular Pink Noise and Rain Sounds and a built in voice recorder to personalise a recording of  your own for your child to listen through out the night.
The Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid is available as a single product , or in 3 Bundle Options to suit your needs and budget. You will find all the options on the Aroma-Snooze Vaporiser page here