Survive ‘Hay Fever Season’ with Lively Living Essential Oils

Spring is in the air … literally! But while the sights, smells, and sounds of spring are welcome signs of the change of season, for many nature’s celebration of blossom and bud burst means only one thing – hay fever.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, last year 19% of Australians suffered the effects of hay fever, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. But what exactly is hay fever? What causes it? And how can Lively Living help relieve the effects of hay fever, and restore the joy of the season back into your household?
What is hay fever?
Hay fever (also called allergic rhinitis) is an allergic reaction to environmental allergens. These allergens can include mould spores, dust mites, and pet fur, but the abundance of tree, grass, and flower blossoms during springtime leads to an increase in airborne pollen, resulting in a marked increase in hay fever symptoms and cases.
What are the symptoms of hay fever?
If you’ve ever suffered from hay fever you’ll be familiar with a range of symptoms including sneezing, watery or sore eyes, a stuffy or runny nose, itchy eyes, ears, or throat, and headaches and sinus pain that can render some incapacitated.
Depending on how your immune system reacts to environmental allergens, your case of hay fever could be a mild annual annoyance, or a debilitating and painful condition that causes you to dread the approach of spring.
How to treat hay fever – Lively Living to the rescue.
There are many ways you can minimise the symptoms of hay fever. Over-the-counter antihistamines such as tablets, eye drops, and nasal sprays, have proven to provide quick-acting, long-lasting treatments for more severe cases of hay fever. Thankfully, there’s also a 100% natural approach to help relieve hay fever symptoms … aromatherapy.
Lively Living’s organic-certified essential oil blends are used and diffused in households all over Australia, not only for their uplifting aroma, but for the numerous health-promoting, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties contained in each carefully crafted blend.
When it comes to combatting the symptoms of hay fever and supporting an allergen-friendly environment, Lively Living recommends three essential oil blends that will help your family survive hay fever season and beyond.
Lively Living Organic Breathe Blend
The ultimate blend for sufferers of  asthma, sinus issues, and congestion, this secret anti-bacterial weapon brought to you by nature contains eucalyptus, sweet orange, lemongrass, rosemary, myrtle dalmatian, and cinnamon to clear airways, improve your breathing quality, and reduce congestion.
Lively Living Organic Immune Boost Blend
This must-have blend forms part of Lively Livings Family Wellness Collection for a reason: it provides focused support to keep your family healthy on the inside and out. The perfect blend to transition you from winter to spring when allergies and viral bugs are rife, Immune Boost combines the strength of eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, lemon, and laurel leaf to fortify, cleanse, and purify your environment.
Lively Living Protection Blend
Last but not least in our trifecta of hay fever survival essential oil blends, our Protection Blend helps ward off environmental and seasonal threats and is ideal to use for cleansing and purifying the air. Containing sweet orange, clove bud, cinnamon bark, lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus oils celebrated for their ability to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, it’s a ‘must have’ for your essential oil collection.
Put the ‘spring’ back in your step with Lively Living
For targeted relief against the symptoms of hay fever this season, simply add 3 – 5 drops of your chosen 100% certified organic essential oil blend to your Lively Living Aroma Diffuser, and let us put the spring back in your step!