Lively living and Ultransmit

An enduring international relationship built on passion, professionalism, and trust.

At Lively Living, one of the keys to our success is the partnerships we’ve forged with like-minded suppliers and stockists that share our values and vision for excellence. We’re constantly striving to bring you the highest quality diffusers and the purest essential oils, so you can benefit from our commitment to innovation, style, and wellbeing.
Our ‘quest for the best’ lead us to build and sustain an enduring and exclusive partnership that not only perfectly aligns with our business model and product range – it proudly spans continents and culture. Here’s how it all began …
Ultransmit: China’s trailblazing manufacturers of ultrasonic aroma diffuser technology.
Our association with Ultransmit all started when founder and director, Julie Parr, was researching different companies that would be able to deliver the design, quality, and technology Lively Living is famous for. It turned out Julie didn’t have to look far. As soon as she began exploring Ultransit’s impressive product range and innovative technology, she knew right away her search was over.
Ultransmit aren’t just the world leaders in ultrasonic aroma diffuser technology…they pioneered it! Julie placed her first order with their Guandong-based headquarters in early 2013, and the Aroma-Joy diffuser was released in Australia to a very receptive client base. Fast forward to today, and Lively Living’s relationship with Ultransmit is stronger than ever, with Julie visiting China on multiple occasions to network with her Ultransmit family.
“I really admire Ultransmit’s ethics, loyalty and desire to be, do, and offer the best they can. It resonates strongly with my core values,” says Julie. “The Chinese aspire to excellence in everything they do, and this is reflected in Ultransmit’s incredible design and manufacturing. I’m very proud to be aligned with such an experienced and innovative team.”
Exclusive products, exclusive designs, exclusive friendship…
Lively Living’s relationship with Ultransmit was taken to the next level when Julie negotiated for, and was granted, exclusivity in Australia and New Zealand for Ultransmit’s product range.
With exclusive access to new aroma diffuser designs and innovations, Julie was able to secure one of Lively Living’s most popular products, the Aroma-Bloom, even before its release to a worldwide audience at the Canton Fair, China’s leading import and export fair held biannually in Guangzhou.
The release of the Aroma-Bloom was an important milestone in Lively Living’s evolution, and one Julie recalls fondly, “I actually attended the Canton Fair that year on one of my business trips to China. It was thrilling to witness firsthand the launch of the Aroma-Bloom, and know that I was instrumental in bringing this amazing product to Australian and New Zealand families.”
On another occasion, Julie was invited to the opening of the new Ultransmit factory, a world-class 410,000 sq ft operation that houses production, distribution, research and design. “The migration to their new premises was a really big deal for Ultransmit, and I was honoured to be invited to help celebrate this landmark in their business journey,” says Julie. “It’s a testament to the close relationship and friendship we’ve formed over the years. I really value my visits to China, they not only give me the opportunity to keep Lively Living at the forefront of technology and design, they allow me to experience the wonderful Chinese culture on a personal level. It’s always an educational and enjoyable experience.”
With Lively Living and Ultransmit on the same page when it comes to visionary design, Julie has been able to rely upon their expertise to bring her own product ambitions to life. The launch of the revolutionary Aroma-Snooze is the latest best seller born from their collaboration, and Julie believes it’s Lively Living’s most advanced product to date.  “I’d been working for some time on a diffuser design featuring sleep-enhancing technology that would benefit both children and adults. I knew Ultransmit would be able to deliver on my expectations and they didn’t disappoint—reviews of the Aroma-Snooze have been overwhelmingly positive, and they’ve been flying off the shelf.”
As Lively Living looks to the future, we’re pleased to have Ultransmit in our corner. They’re leaders in their field with their ever-expanding range of beautiful aroma diffusers…which helps us continue to be best at what we do: Promoting wellbeing through our range of stylish diffusers featuring  five-in-one advanced ultrasonic technology to complement our exquisite range of organically-certified essential oils.