Lively Living Ultrasonic Diffusers improve the air you breathe with 'healthy negative ions'

Lively Living Diffusers have many features and benefits.
Do you know the fresh feeling you feel while at the beach or in nature and how health experts advise to take time away from technology and spend time in natural environments.
This is because the air in these places are naturally abundant with negatively charged ions known as anions - these are the 'good guys' = )
Positive ions on the other hand, lie within our cities, car exhausts, cigarette smoke and dust. Heat, humidity and devices such as televisions and computer monitors, emit counteractive positive ions that deplete the air of negative ions.
Our premium range of ultrasonic diffusers and sleep aids will naturally create healthy negative ions in the process of turning water to a mist. Hence why diffusing just plain tap water will improve the air you breathe.
By putting more healthy negative ions into the air they help neutralise the harmful positive ions and clean the air too!
So how does it work? Here's the science if you're keen for a read with some points of interest: 
Firstly our Ultrasonic Diffusers produce healthy negative ions/anions by the ultrasonic vibrations of the oscillator disc vibrating rapidly at 2.4 million hz/second.
The Origin of Negative Ions
Ions are atoms or molecules which are  electrically charged naturally. Cations are positively charged and anions carry a negative charge. Ions form when atoms gain or lose electrons.
Negative oxygen ion:
The main components of the air we breathe is nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. Nitrogen accounts for 78%, oxygen 21%, carbon dioxide 0.03%. Nitrogen has no affinity for electrons. Only oxygen and carbon dioxide have affinity for electrons, but oxygen content is 700 times more then carbon dioxide. Therefore, the majority negative ions generated in clean air are negative oxygen ions.
Main function of negative oxygen ions:
As an example, after heavy rain, the negative ions in air are increase, people feel comfortable, fresh and invigorated.
The International Journal of Molecular Sciences  states ‘negative air ions increase psychological health, productivity and overall wellbeing’.
In an air-conditioned room, almost all of the negative oxygen ions in the air have depleted. People staying in these 'un-natural' environment for long periods time may feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, poor productivity and health deterioration.
Medical research shows that micro particles of healthy negative ions enhances humans because these micro particles can easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier of the human body and exert its biological effects.
From 1889 German scientists Elster and Gertel discovered the presence negative oxygen ions till the end of 19th century, the German physicist Dr. Philip Lionad the first time academically explained the positive effects of negative oxygen ions on the human body. It’s go through more than a hundred years of experimental research and knowledge accumulation, Since Dr. Philip Leonard was the first publicly released, that negative oxygen ions present in the natural environment are beneficial to human health, pointed out that the most negative oxygen ion content is the valley of a waterfall. Therefore, the scientific community has granted Dr. Philip Leonard as the first to discover the positive effects of negative oxygen ions on the human body.
The ultrasonic atomisation technology has the same mechanism as the waterfall, and does not produce ozone or other harmful derivatives, and can effectively purify the environment and bring fresh and pleasant air to your environment.
Olivia Arezzolo - sleep specialist says: 
Advantages of Lively Living Diffusers producing healthy negative ions: 
One of the advantages of the Lively Living range of diffusers is they all create healthy negative ions using safe ultrasonic technology.  Pinpointed in Aerosol Science and Technology, negative ions remove minuscule particles - termed ‘particulate matter’ which researchers report to be “a major air pollutant”.
Here are some commonly asked questions around negative ions, and our responses - as backed by scientific research, sourced by yours truly, Australia’s leading Sleep Specialist. Olivia Arezzolo
How damaging is 'particulate matter' (what negative ions help remove) for my family?
In 2010, indoor air pollution from ambient particulate matter was marked the 9th leading risk factor for illness and disease - globally. The academic study, funded by the Gates Foundation, assessed 67 risk factors across 21 regions, including results for both children and adults alike. They noted that since 2000, the rise of indoor air pollution from particulate matter means it is now a a ‘key risk’ for chronic conditions.
What happens if particulate matter if left in the air?
Without removal, these nanoparticles enter the minute cells within the lungs, lead to coughing, wheezing, an itchy throat. Research also notes these particles exacerbate conditions such as allergies and asthma.
How much 'particulate matter' do negative ions remove?
95% - according to Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology.
A little more science: 
Here is an academic study  evaluating 263 scientific papers of negative air ionisers and their health benefits.
We, at Lively Living, put the health of your family first. Backed by research, this conscientious choice in technology helps improve health and wellbeing and reduce coughs, colds, asthma and allergies - a factor we proudly uphold.
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Happy Diffusing!