Foster gratitude with essential oils

Foster gratitude with essential oil
2020 has been a trying time for so many with bushfires and COVID restrictions. During hard times it’s worth holding on to gratitude to keep us hopeful and appreciative. In fact, studies suggest we stand to gain the most from a grateful perspective during times of crisis and chaos. Essential oils are the perfect companion in fostering a thankful and grateful mindset.
Gratitude is good for us
The neuroscience behind gratitude reinforces that gratitude can improve health, build relationships and encourage commitment, resilience and happiness.  Research shares that gratitude is also a natural detox, minimising depression,  releasing toxic emotions, reducing pain and improving sleep quality.
If we’ve learnt anything in the last year, it’s to be grateful for the little things, no matter what. Being safe in your home, having time away from work to spend on creative projects, a phone chat or Zoom with friends, walks in nature, afternoons in the garden, welcoming a new pet, spending moments with family and good health – all reasons to be grateful, feel blessed and celebrate.
When we concentrate on appreciation and thankfulness, we open ourselves up to fulfillment and peace. Aromatherapy is an empowering way to transport your mind and body to places of wellbeing and gratitude.
Foster a thankful mind and a heart of gratitude through essential oils
New in stock -  Gratitude Blend
The Lively Living team have skilfully blended 9 premium certified organic essential oils in this special Gratitude synergy blend featuring:
Organic Sweet Orange
  • Sweet, citrus scent
  • helps relax and calm stressed and anxious feelings, giving a refreshing, uplifting boost
  • sweet, floral scent
  • invigorating and calming, uplifting the mind and spirit and clearing muddled thoughts
Ylang Ylang
  • rich, floral scent
  • reduces tension and stress and promotes a positive outlook
  • sweet floral scent
  • calms nerves and minimises feelings of stress
  • warm, wood scent
  • bolsters resolve and confidence, and sustain positive thoughts during times of change
  • earthy, spicy scent
  • encourages energising and positive feelings, helping overcome fear and sadness
  • spicy, warm scent
  • stimulates positive and warm feelings
Jasmine absolute
  • rich, deep musky scent
  • encourages euphoria, optimism and confidence
Bulgarian Rose
  • warm, exotic scent
  • relieves depression, sadness and anxiety and fosters feeling of gratitude and unconditional love
Fill your home and senses with feelings of thankfulness.
Apply the Gratitude Blend to: 
May you embrace gratitude in hard times and live in thankfulness -  from the Lively Living team.