Essential Oils for Anxiety

Nature knows best – essential oils and anxiety

With a highlight on Lively Livings Certified Organic ''Anxiety Aid'' Essential Oil.
We’ve all been navigating our way through iso-anxiety of late, with changes to our world bringing moments of stress, worry and uncertainty.
Add in daily stressors of exams, job interviews, work presentations and burnout, house or business dealings or sales, grief and relationships change, and our brains and body can feel under attack.
Anxiety is a natural response to fear and threats, both perceived and real. Constant anxiety can lead to insomnia, digestive problems, meltdowns and panic attacks.
If constant worries feed your anxiety, incorporating essential oils can make a big difference. Essential oils have been a trusted therapeutic technique dating back  6000 years across Egypt, China, and India, stimulating our bodies and brains to reduce stress, fear and anxiety.  Turns out, humans have been fretting for thousands of years!
The research support what history and nature knows
Essential oils are increasingly being studied by scientists in search of a more rigorous, specific understanding of their benefits to anxiety and wellbeing. Here are a few studies.

  • The American College of Healthcare Sciences recognises that essential oils are effective in complementary anxiety relief and lifting moods
  • Another study on teachers conducted in Taiwan in 2011 provided powerful evidence that the inhalation of aromatherapy is effective for depression management
  • The Therapeutic Goods Association TGA notes that essential oils have been shown to be capable of lowering cortisol levels and improving the bodies stress response.
  • Even inhaling aromatherapy before surgery can activate olfactory nerve cells, with the smell of essential oils encouraging a positive effect on the limbic system of the brain which helps control emotions, mood and memory
In today’s fast paced, high pressure life essential oils are a comforting aid in lowering stress and anxiety levels, reducing your blood pressure and heart rate and promoting relaxation.
That’s why we’ve developed our  premium blend of 7 powerful and pure organic essential oils working in a holistic synergy.   Our new Anxiety Aid blend is beneficial to anyone suffering from overwhelm, alleviating depression and anxiety while helping you feel balanced and content.
Essential Oils For Anxiety

Let go of your worries with Anxiety Aid Blend
Featuring 7 anxious-soothing and mood-boosting 100% pure organic essential oils:
  • Sweet orange
Lower the bodies levels of stress hormones and is a highly regarded essential oil in any antidepressant blends
  • Lavender
Probably the most used oil to treat anxiety studies have identified that lavender essential
oil is capable of reducing levels of cortisol a hormone responsible for levels of stress
lavender has a protective action on the cardiovascular system reducing irritability,
restlessness and panic attacks. There’s also growing evidence to support that lavender
is effective in neurological disorder and can help ease the symptoms associated with
anxiety and depression
  • Marjoram Organic
Best known for its warming and analgesic properties its spicy scent contributes to  calming nervous tension and stress related conditions
  • Olibanum Organic
Otherwise known as Frankincense, it helps us overcome stress by stimulating the limbic region of the brain and quietening the overactive mind. It’s can help reduce your heart rate and often used in deep meditative practices.
  • Ylang ylang Organic
when inhaled it’s rich and deep scent provides energy, increases courage and optimism. Its soothing properties are well regarded for improving emotional health  and reducing the action of cortisol in your body, minimising anxiety and depression.
  • Sandalwood Organic
A popular ingredient in managing anxiety in traditional therapies, helping to lower blood pressure. It’s often used in reducing wakefulness and for its sedative and calming effects. Research supports sandalwood can help reducing anxiety in palliative care as well
  • Melissa Organic
Often called on to reduce feelings of tension and uncertainty it has antidepressant,
hypnotic and sedative properties and can create feelings of peace and warmth.
Anxiety Aid really is the ultimate worry buster!
For maximum impact add several drops to your home diffuser  or DIY roller personal care kit   to alleviate anxiety, reduce emotional stress, support your nervous system and instill relaxation.
Wishing you calm feelings of inner health, from the Lively Living team.