Can an organic essential oil help you sleep?

If you are having trouble sleeping or can’t get a little one to settle, the right Certified Organic Essential Oil blend in an ultrasonic aroma diffuser (vaporiser) can purify the air, promote deep relaxation and assist sleep.

5 ways a Lively Living ultrasonic diffuser can help you sleep.

1. Our ultrasonic vaporisers disperse a cool mist of 100% pure essential oil into the air so it can be easily inhaled and absorbed. You don’t require a heat source, so it’s safe and ideal to use in the nursery or bedroom.

2. Our diffusers are also ionisers. They create negative ions that help remove dust, germs and bacteria in the air, purifying it to assist breathing and sleep.

3. Lively Living essential oil blends have antibacterial properties, so you’re taking care of your wellbeing while you sleep.

4. A Lively Living ultrasonic diffuser is also a humidifier. It will replace the moisture in the air for a comfortable night’s rest.

5. Use the night lamp function to bathe the bedroom in a calming glow. Perfect for the nursery or anyone who regularly wakes during the night.

Certified organic essential oils relax the body and calm the mind It’s not uncommon to experience periods of sleep deprivation, perhaps when your working hours change or you’re going through a stressful period in your life. We have a range of Certified Organic Essential Oil blends skilfully designed to assist sleep in babies, children and adults.

Sleep is a premium organic pure essential oil blend developed to address insomnia, stress and restlessness. It contains pure essences that combat sleep difficulties and may be useful to establish regular sleep patterns.

Hush Little Baby
A certified organic blend specifically designed to calm and soothe children and to support restlessness, distress and peace. It is comprised of many calming essential oils including the highly regarded Organic Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil.

Sensitive Child
Designed to assist little ones who may be experiencing anxiety, unsettled behaviour or nightmares. Contains the highly praised ‘Vetiver’ essential oil known for its grounding properties.

Winter Rescue Remedy
This Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend was created to ease respiratory congestion, sinus or breathing issues, all of which make it difficult to sleep. Keep this powerful ally against colds and viruses handy all year round.

Certified Organic Essential Oils, when combined with an ultrasonic diffuser, can help you get to sleep. And once asleep, you might find that you wake up less and wake up more refreshed in the morning.

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