10 Best Essential Oils For Winter

Winter's cool and crisp air somehow smells fresh and exciting, but it’s not always a welcome change. The transition between seasons can cause allergies and discomfort, especially as the frost sets in. Don’t fret — we’ve compiled a list of the ten best essential oils for winter so you can cosy up and enjoy the season without any unpleasantries!

  1. Eucalyptus 

With a familiar and fresh scent that helps with congestion, eucalyptus is an ingredient we use in many of our essential oil blends for winter. As the perfect natural insect repellent, we also love the scent of our Eucalyptus-Lemon essential oil.

  1. Tea tree 

Another refreshing scent — Tea Tree is lauded for its antibacterial properties. It gives a space the crisp, clean and cosy scent of a spotless and comfortable home.

  1. Lavender 

This is one of the best essential oils for winter because of its soothing and relaxing properties. With a soft and lingering floral aroma, lavender is known to help ease respiratory conditions and combat other common cold and flu symptoms. We also have this scent in our Winter Rescue Blend — a must-have essential oil blend for winter that calms the mind and soothes the body. It’s the perfect fragrance to add to your diffuser while winding down after a long day.

  1. Peppermint 

A classic holiday scent — peppermint contains properties that can help clear nasal passages and ease headaches. It’s a vivacious and energising ingredient we love in our essential oil blends for winter.

  1. Frankincense 

Loved for its stress-relieving effects on the mind and body, this fruity scent has woody undertones that shine in our best-selling Frankincense essential oil.

  1. Rosemary

Known to impact your mood with positive effects on the nervous system, this scent has been used for centuries for its aromatic and medicinal properties. 

  1. Myrtle 

Myrtle oil helps promote emotional balance with its calming properties. It’s great in a blend with a slightly sweet aroma to bring you peace and tranquillity.

  1. Patchouli 

This rich and musky scent is a wonderful mood enhancer that complements the chilliness of winter. It has the added benefits of relaxation and stress relief.

  1. Orange

Refreshing and uplifting, this essential oil is perfect for helping decongest nasal passages. The sweet scent is indispensable in many products, including our best-selling Breathe Organic blend.

  1. Clove and Cinnamon

Clove and cinnamon are featured in our Vitality Organic blend — one of our spicy and warming essential oils for winter. With invigorating aromas that deliver hints of spice and citrus, many people find clove and cinnamon comforting and uplifting, which can help combat the cold and dark winter days.

We also love the orange, clove, cinnamon and rosemary mix in our Protection blend. With a combination of the best essential oils for winter, this unique oil blend is an effective organic supplement that fortifies and cleanses your body.

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