Best essential oils for sleep

You’ve probably heard lavender is great for sleep, however, it’s not the only essential oil to help you nod off - it’s just the one with the most research backing it, such as a recent study finding it to reduce anxiety by a convincing 45% in only 6 weeks. Alongside the exemplar sleep oil, here is my go-to guide for the best oils for sleep, according to research . As Australia’s leading Sleep Specialist, here on behalf of Lively Living, I’m thrilled to share this evidence with you.

  1. Geranium. As reported in Journal of Caring Sciences, geranium can reduce anxiety - only after 2 days. Remember, symptoms of anxiety include an inability to fall asleep, waking up at 3am and feeling exhausted in the morning - so if this sounds familiar geranium (and the oils on this list) will help you. Although anxiety is normal, it doesn’t mean it’s necessary to suffer.


  1. Sweet orange. Feeling overwhelmed? Sweet orange oil is the answer. Pinpointed in International Journal of Molecular Sciences, the zesty oil tranquillises the prefrontal cortex, a brain region responsible for decision making, judgement, mental clarity and concentration. As a result, your mind can organise, plan and execute more effectively - and avoid problems in the process. How this relates to sleep? Stress is the primary factor to cause sleeping problems, according to Australia’s Sleep Health Foundation,


  1. Chamomile. Not just for your evening brew, chamomile is ideal as an oil - and helps you avoid nighttime bathroom visits. As noted by Molecular Medicine Reports, it sedates the brain and counteracts the stimulating effect of adrenalin. Without this measure, adrenalin can make you feel nervous, tense and mentally on edge. Further, research demonstrates chamomile reduces pain and relaxes the gastrointestinal tract - perfect for women suffering PMS too.

Roman chamomile can be found:

  1. Peppermint. Does this one surprise you? For two reasons - firstly, as an alternative to your afternoon coffee, academic studies show peppermint oil improves mental alertness, attention and memory - exactly what you need come 3pm. Replacing coffee, by opting for peppermint oil you’re able to unwind at the end of the day with greater ease. Secondly, it’s an anti-spasmodic effect upon the gastrointestinal tract aids digestion - an activity which can otherwise cause restlessness throughout the evening. This is particularly relevant for those eating late or drinking alcohol.


  1. Lavender. Of course, no list on essential oils for sleep would be complete without lavender. With a recent study finding it reduced anxiety by 45% over the course of 6 weeks, even modern medical professionals are now taking note. In the aforementioned study, note that the comparison was a sleeping pill, which reduced anxiety by 46% - only 1% higher. With researchers concluding it to be a safe alternative to sleeping pills, it’s no surprise lavender continues to be the quintessential sleep oil.

With so many great options, you may be wondering - whats my recommendation? To this, I respond: whatever scent you like the best. This means you’re going to use it - which is when you’ll see the benefits above. And if you’re not sure? Go for Aroma Snooze and Peppermint - one for the evening relaxation, and one for daytime energy… the perfect balance.