Australia’s leading Sleep Specialist reviews the Aroma-Snooze.

As a sleep specialist, I am asked to endorse many brands - but when I came by the Aroma-Snooze, I stopped in my tracks. Not just your average sleep-aid; features such as pink noise and red LED lighting options help you fall asleep easier than ever before - without pharmaceuticals. And for the new parents out there, learning the Aroma-Snooze also offers a voice recorder and multiple lullaby sounds make it ideal for bub too. But don’t just take my word for it - here’s the academic research behind it, so you make an informed decision - exactly as you should.
Why I love the Snooze:

  1. Red LED light: Restless through the evening? Not anymore. With the Aroma-Snooze’s red LED light option, you avoid the adverse effects of blue light. Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism highlights evening blue light, emitted from ceiling lights, phones, laptops and TV, delays the sleepiness hormone 'melatonin' by 90 minutes. As a result from blue light stimulation, you are not tired in the evening, feel anxious and wide awake. The Aroma-Snooze offers a red LED cycle light - allowing you to sleep soundly. My research indicates that this is one of the elements to help you get a great nights sleep.
  2. Voice recorder. Sleep Medicine Reviews reports that when parents stay with bub as they fall asleep, there is an increased likelihood that bub will wake through the evening. To avoid this, the Aroma-Snooze’s built-in voice recorder is your saving grace: academic studies show recordings of mums voice helps induce infant sleep.
  3. Pink noise. Noted in Journal of Theoretical Biology, pink noise relaxes the mind and body. Mindful of parents here, this reduces bub’s chances of crying and screaming through the evening - so this is not only helpful for their sleep, but yours too. With academics correlating infant nocturnal wakings with higher parental depression, pink noise aids wellbeing of the whole family.
  4. Different lullaby tones. Academic journal Pediatrics details that music therapy, such as lullabies, has a positive impact on infant sleep - both for falling and staying asleep. What’s unique about the Aroma-Snooze is that it provides two options: a slower tempo for evening relaxation, plus an upbeat tempo for mornings.
  5. Plus it’s an aromatherapy diffuser & air purifier too! Evidence Based Complimentary Alternative Medicine emphasises aromatherapy, particularly lavender, gently sedates the brain. The Aroma-Snooze comes with a Certified Organic essential oil blend containing not only lavender, but Sweet Orange, Geranium, Palmarosa, Bergamot, Cedarwood andAustralian Sandalwood. Smelling beautiful, each ingredient contributes to your best nights sleep.

After reading the research, I am positive you will appreciate why I love the Aroma-Snooze. Helping the whole family fall and stay asleep; even for myself, as a sleep specialist, recognising it offers not one but all of the features above is impressive. With the Aroma-Snooze science supported technology being ideal for both children and adults you will be excited to use it too - so my advice - purchase two; one for bub, and one for you!
Blog written by:
Olivia Arezzolo
 The Sleep Specialist
APS Certificate Sleep Psychology
Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)
Certificate 3+4 Fitness (Personal Training)
Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)