Are organic essential oils safe for children?

We are experiencing a rapid growth of interest from parents looking for natural remedies, particularly for babies and children. Which organic essential oils can safely address health imbalances in children and help your baby sleep? Our diffusers and essential oils are widely used for infants, we suggest to commence with 1-2 drops of essential oil in one of our larger capacity Aroma Diffusers from +3 months of age.

(Please note diffusing just water for the first 3 months of age will ionise and oxygenate the air adding health benefits.)

Note: This is general advise, every child is different and we always encourage you to seek advise from your qualified health care professional.  

Organic essential oils are a 100% pure natural remedy

You probably know what aromatherapy is, but do you know about the healing properties of a single drop of essential oil? Lively Living’s organic essential oil blends are sourced for purity from around the globe and developed to realise their full potential and healing benefits – naturally and effectively, which is what parents want for their children.

Why are organic essential oils suitable for children?

Our children are exposed to the environment and its germs from the moment they are born. Building immunity is a part of growing up. Organic essential oils can help a child (and a parent) to navigate a healthy life. An essential oil blend can help fight infection, ease congestion, and promote sleep in a pure non-invasive way that is safe to use around children.

Natural sleep remedies for baby

Our Sleep blend is made from premium organic pure essential oils specifically developed to combat sleep difficulties. It may also be useful to establish regular sleep patterns. Hush Little Baby is a certified organic blend designed to calm and soothe children who are restless sleepers or distressed.

Do you have a sensitive child?

It’s not uncommon for a sensitive child to experience anxiety, nightmares, or unsettled behaviour. Our Sensitive Child blendcontains the highly praised ‘Vetiver’ essential oil known for its grounding properties.

Fight viruses and ease respiratory congestion

Parents are finding that blends like our Winter Rescue Remedy can be a powerful ally against colds and viruses. This Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend has been developed to ease respiratory congestion, sinus or breathing issues. Keep it handy year round. Sniffles & Cough (and Sleep) is another 100% pure blend with no synthetics or fillers and can be found in our Mother & Child Collection.

Mother & Child Collection

We want you to enjoy the amazing experience of growing up with your child in a healthy environment. Mother & Child pure essential oils are specially blended to assist daily wellness.

Are diffusers safe for babies and children?

An ultrasonic diffuser, or vaporiser, is the safest way to use essential oils in the nursery and around children. Ours disperse a cool mist of 100% pure essential oil into the air where it can easily be inhaled and absorbed. There is no heat source just a small amount of water required and when that runs low, Lively Living diffusers automatically switch off.

Our diffusers are also ionisers, removing dust, germs and bacteria with negative ions. They will act as a humidifier, replacing moisture in the air without creating condensation. The night lamp can be used to incorporate LED therapy into your child’s night-time routine.

Safe. Pure. Effective. Certified Organic Essential Oils are ideal for promoting wellness and providing healing benefits to babies and children.

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