7 tips to support your immune system

As we continue to look after ourselves and spend more time in our homes , try introducing these immunity strengthening tips to bring protection and energy. They’re 7 essential strategies to help you arm yourself  against the coronavirus that your body will thank you for.

  1. Soak up the sun

While some warm days are still with us take the time to get out in the backyard or on your balcony. The World Health Organisation says we can gain Vitamin D  through just 15 minutes in the sunshine, and that exposure is enough to top up you Vitamin D levels.
And, our bodies need Vitamin D more than ever to produce antibodies which help fight disease and viruses.

  1. Clear your space, clean your home

There’s so much clutter in our minds right now as we process change, challenging conversations and COVID-19 news updates -  don’t let that take over your home and workspace too. Give your mind the best chance it can to feel calm, in control, relaxed and unruffled. Taking half an hour a day to put away cluttered piles, making your bed and wiping down surfaces makes a difference. Now you’re spending more time together recruit the family to help with dishes and washing, this can give you all a sense of purpose while practising good hygiene and creating a more visually calming home environment. Energise yourself while you clean up with Lively Living’s Aroma Diffusers – they’re stylish state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology to help protect your immunity https://livelyliving.com.au/product-category/aroma-diffusers-vapourisers/

  1. Press your snooze button

Shut-eye tops-ups are some of your best defence techniques right now.  Prioritise slumber for you and your whole family to boost your immunity. Studies have shown that good sleep patterns help you fights colds and illnesses.  Australian sleep expert Olivia Rezolo https://oliviaarezzolo.com.au/. says setting yourself the task of getting 7 to 9 hours sleep a night at this time is a sure-fire way to safeguard yourself.  Truly, of all the times, you should be taking advantage of getting more sleep, this is it. Set yourself up with an immunity-building and calming pre-sleep routine by diffusing Aroma Snooze Remedy  https://livelyliving.com.au/product/aroma-snooze-blend/ into your favourite Lively Living Diffuser just half an hour before bed time.

  1. When your schedule’s all clear, create a new one

Coronavirus has changed all of our lives, and how we spend our days. Until we get through to the other side of this, re-shaping your self-isolations days helps provide certainty, stability and a positive outlook. But while scheduling home-based tasks make sure it’s balanced with stress-free, feel good activities too. Psychologists advise that when your stressed out your body produced hormones that further burden your immune system  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/hide-and-seek/201702/how-reduce-stress
So, go easy on yourself. For every Zoom home-office meeting, paperwork filing and cupboard sorting you schedule, make sure there’s ample time for fun games and projects and entertainment that make your smile and laugh.

  1. Smell your way to wellness 

Essential oils really do help. They relieve anxiety and promote immunity and purify the air and help eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses! You can use essential oils in home cleaning and hand sanitiser to act as a powerful virus barrier. Diffusing certified organic essential oils in ultrasonic diffusers goes the extra mile, immediately turning water to a vapour which comes out coated with an essential oil. It’s safe, ecofriendly and helps keeps the oil in its purest form while healthy negative ions counteract the pollutants like dust, germs, bacteria and electromagnetic radiation which are floating in the air. Try the Australian organic certified blends of Immune Boost https://livelyliving.com.au/product/immune-boost-copy/,  Protection Blend https://livelyliving.com.au/product/protection-blend/, Elevate Blend  https://livelyliving.com.au/product/elevate-blend/ or Winter Rescue Remedy https://livelyliving.com.au/product/winter-rescue-remedy/

  1. Move it or lose it

We’re fast finding out that when we can’t access or gyms, boot camp, exercise classes or wide-open spaces, we need to get a  little creative to put ourselves though our paces. Download on online bootcamp or yoga class, make a home gym in a corner of the house or dance it out to your favourite playlist.   Exercise is brilliant at helping you boost immunity and helping with stress reduction. But take care not to overdo it, make sure you get professional advice for home gym set-ups  and if you’re tired, rest your body.

  1. Drink and eat well

This probably isn’t news, but maybe it’s time to introduce a new approach in the kitchen or eliminate some foods that are doing damage. Processed meats, refined sugars, fatty oils and alcohol are all inflammatory foods that can compromise our immune systems. Try cutting a few of them out, or instead of going it alone, book a telehealth dietician appointment to help you makes some changes for the good of your immunity.
And for a bonus immunity booster from the Lively Living team …
Laugh, talk, cry and connect
You may think there’s not a lot to smile or laugh about right now. But we will get through this. And laughter? It really does help. Tune into to some old favourite  comedy shows or movies, re-play those social media shares that make you chuckle or phone a friend and remind each other of a funny memory you share. It all helps lower the level of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, and kick starts the feel-good hormones like endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin that protect your health
Give your immunity a fighting chance and come out from this stronger and more focused than ever.
Wishing you immunity protection and positivity.
The Lively Living team.
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