Lively Living | Frankincense 15ml
Lively Living | Frankincense 15ml
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Frankincense 15ml


15ml – 100% Pure Essential Oil


Aromatic Description

Woody, earthy scent with fruity tones

Botanic Name

Boswellia serrata

Country of origin


Derived from

Resin of Boswellia serrata plant

Method of extraction

Steam Distillation


Properties of Frankincense

• This powerful essential oil promotes feelings of peace and overall wellness

• Calming and comforting to help overcome stress and anxiety

• Ideal for meditation as it helps clear and still the mind

• Immune booster

• Assist to alleviating skin imperfections such as sun spots, scars



Use 2-5 drops in a Lively Living diffuser of your choice

Great to add a few drops to skincare products for extra nourishment.


Other Info

Frankincense is one of the essential oils that have very limited or no availability with an organic certification. However our Frankincense Essential Oil is 100% pure essential oil and of the highest quality.




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