Lively Living | Ultrasonic Aroma diffusers / vaporisers and 100% pure and certified organic essential oils
Lively Living | Ultrasonic Aroma diffusers / vaporisers and 100% pure and certified organic essential oils
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Welcome to Lively Living

Australia’s leading Aromatherapy Diffusers & 100% Certified Organic Essential Oils


Lively Living proudly present a unique range of ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers & premium 100% pure & certified organic essential oils.


Innovative and stylish, the Lively Living range of aroma diffusers offer the most advanced, efficient and effective way to diffuse essential oils. They offer additional health benefits of an ioniser and air purifier, and the versatility of a night light.


We pride ourselves on the integrity, purity and craftsmanship of our products. Our essential oils are sourced direct from the farmers where possible, are certified organic where possible and are always 100% pure, with absolutely no additives, fillers or ‘extending’ practices used.


Cutting edge technology, coupled with pioneering manufacturing and world class designers, has allowed the Lively Living Ultrasonic Diffusers to be recognised as leaders in their field.


Soothe your mind, relieve stress, sleep deeper and enhance your environment. 

A brief look behind the scenes and insight into the creation,  motivation and development of the Lively Living Essential Oil & Ultrasonic Diffuser Brand. 

Essential Oils


We understand that most people appreciate the benefits of essential oils, yet are not experts in aromatherapy. Lively Living have taken the guess work out for you with our blends. All of our essential oils including our single essential oil range have been hand picked with specific purposes & experiences in mind.

Essential Oils


We offer a range of Certified Organic ‘single’ essential oils which can be used on their own or experiment to create your own unique blends!

Winter Rescue & Child Calming Remedy


Winter Rescue Remedy is a powerful, and nurturing blend to combat the signs of colds & viruses all year round.
Child Calming Remedy has been specifically created to assist your little ones.



This Diffuser/Vaporiser is inspired by the captivating beauty and aroma of flowers in ‘Bloom’. Flowers offer a special beauty & have a wonderful positive effect on us.

200ml water capacity, up to 8hrs continuous, 18hrs intermittent

Aroma-Bloom Pearl


The Aroma-Bloom will instantly purify, cleanse and refresh the atmosphere and create more negative ions to improve general wellbeing. The essential oils are easily absorbed to assist your wellbeing.

200ml water capacity, up to 8hrs continuous/18 hrs intermittent



The Aroma-Sky features decorative holes in its ceramic outer cover. When the colour changing light is activated, the Aroma-Sky shines just like mystical stars and the moon in the night sky.

200ml Water Capacity, Up to 7.5hours continuous 



The Aroma-Jewel’s quality glass outer cover features incredible swirls of gold, turquoise and sea green, a feature on its own! When illuminated by the colour changing lights, it transforms into a magnificent visual experience.

110ml Water Capacity, Up to 10hours low intermittent 



The Aroma-Allure is mysteriously attractive & fascinating. Standing tall, with a high gloss geometric base, matte lid & colour changing lights, the different textures allure your senses. 

100ml Water Capacity, Up to 10hours intermittent 



The Aroma-Breeze diffuser is inspired by the colours of nature. The changing colours of blues like the sky, green of the grass, pinks of the earth, allows you to relax and unwind, just as you would, being at one with nature.

200ml water capacity, up to 8hrs continuous, 18hrs intermittent

Aroma-Bloom Wood Look, Pearl Cream


With a gorgeous eco-inspired wood look base and cream pearl lid this Aroma-Bloom now features both ‘breathing’ light and colour changing lights!!
The ever popular Aroma-Bloom just got more popular!

200ml water capacity, up to 8hrs continuous/18 hrs intermittent



The ‘wood look’ finish brings a touch of nature indoors, and the transparent lid with colour changing lights creates an ambient glow to adore.

80ml water capacity, approx 4hrs



The Aroma-O’mm ultrasonic diffuser is created with ‘real bamboo’ It is perfect for anyone seeking a ‘natural eco’ feel whilst diffusing essential oils.

100ml water capacity, up to 6hrs continuous, 10hrs intermittent



With a clean and sleek appearance and colour changing lights, the Aroma-Flare is a perfect partner for busy days at your desk and will also blend seamlessly with any home decor.

80ml water capacity, up to 6hrs Intermittent



With a softly coloured & slightly transparent outer shell, the colour changing lights easily pass through, creating an ambient glow.

80ml water capacity, up to 3.5hrs continuous, 6hrs intermittent

Aroma-Lily Gold Grain


The gold grain design on the matt white outer cover makes for a stylish and decorative Ultrasonic Diffuser.

80ml water capacity, up to 3.5hrs continuous, 6hrs intermittent



This feature colour changing diffuser, beautifully crafted with quality matt white glass, features unique flowing ridges. Inspired by gentle ocean waves along the sand, this larger diffuser will take pride of place in your home.

200ml water capacity, up to 7.5hrs continuous



We are proud to bring you this versatile diffuser, perfect for use in your car and home! The Aroma-Move is cleverly designed to travel safely in most cup holders, and features and easy to use ‘twist-lock’ lid.

60ml water capacity, up to 3+hrs high/continuous, 10+hrs low/intermittent



The beautiful colour changing lights of the Aroma-Joy diffuser, is a highly desirable feature and continues to impress.
Travel bag included.

80ml water capacity, approx 4hrs



Innovative & stylish the Aroma-Seed cool-mist diffuser with colour changing lights.  It is inspired by the growing seed of a beautiful flower. Flowers have a positive effect on our mood and environment similar to the Aroma-Seed as it diffuses essential oils.

80ml water capacity, up to 3.5 continuous mist, up to 6 hours intermittent mist



The Aroma-Rose can be operated by the power cord included which also has a usb option. The USB cord can operate via a computer USB port or mobile power bank. Also included is a handy travel bag.

80ml water capacity, up to 5 hours