Ultrasonic Technology uses high frequency vibrations to immediately turn water into a cool vapor without the use of heat. The advantage is that there is no condensation created and the Essential Oils are kept in their purest form.

The Ultrasonic Technology used in the Aroma-Snooze will also create the following benefits:


The Aroma-Snooze adds a light moisture back into the atmosphere to create a better breathing environment. It can also assist with children to sleep more comfortably and prevent dry skin conditions.


The water vibrates at 2.4 million Hz/sec creating ‘healthy’ negative ions ,  which counteract positive ‘pollutant’ ions in the air. These  anions are the same you find in nature and help remove dust, germs and bacteria in the air, and can aid respiratory problems such as Asthma, Sinus and Allergies


The cool mist carries droplets of Essential Oil into the atmosphere. Lively Living  Essential Oils carry antibacterial properties, which will also purify the air you breathe