Place the Aroma-Snooze on a dry and even surface.

Turn the power off and disconnect the diffuser from the power supply before cleaning.

Do not use detergents or aggressive agents to clean.

Empty, rinse water tank and wipe dry with a clean cloth and use a cotton bud to clean the ceramic disc located in the center of the water well. We suggest you clean your diffuser a couple times per week when using it every day.

For extra cleaning 

If there is any essential oil residue discolouring the inside of the water well, this simple cleaning technique can be used;

When the unit is DRY, place a couple of drops of Lemon or Orange (or even the Aroma Snooze Blend if you have no others) onto a DRY cloth, and wipe the inside walls when DRY. 
Run the diffuser function with around 1cm of water in the well. 

This should bring the unit up to be nice and fresh and like new.

We also recommend your give the inside water well, a though clean with a solution of white vinegar and water left to soak for around 30 minutes once a month. 

We encourage you use your Aroma-Snooze as regularly as possible and reap the benefits!

Cleaning The Aroma-snooze