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The Worlds Most Advanced Sleep-Aid!

For a limited time our best selling Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid Starter Pack in Pink and Blue colour, both come with a bonus Organic Breathe Oil as well as the Snooze Blend too! That’s $44.00 of certified organic essential oils included with your Aroma-Snooze Bundle!
NOTE: All 4 colours (White, Wood, Pink & Blue) of the Aroma-Snooze all come with the 15ml Organic Snooze Blend included!

XMAS DELIVERY GUARANTEE! For orders placed on or before the 15th December, we will send Express Post if need be, to ensure a Pre-Xmas delivery!

Aroma-snooze Sleep Aid + Organic Oil

Are you looking for an all in one solution to help you and your family sleep? 

Lively Living have worked with the world leaders to bring you the latest sleep technology underpinned by evidence-based research on the science of sleep.

The Aroma-Snooze assists your child get to sleep quicker and stay asleep, plus a myriad of other benefits too.

The Aroma-Snooze is widely used to assist:
Positive Bedtime Routine, Falling Asleep, Longer Periods of Sleep, Deeper Sleep, Separation Anxiety, Behaviour, Nightmares, Day Naps, ADHD, Transitioning, Improved Air and Breathing, Self Settle, Early Risers, Sleep Regression.

Research shows that sleep is the foundation of a happy healthy child and adult, and the Aroma-Snooze is the total sleep solution!
Take a closer look as to why the ‘Aroma-Snooze’ is being heralded as the best sleep solution on the market today!


Aroma-snooze Sleep Aid + Organic Oil  Red/Orange LED Light – w/ 8 sec cycle, scientifically proven to support sleep

Aroma-snooze Sleep Aid + Organic Oil  Various coloured light choices, for colour therapy

Aroma-snooze Sleep Aid + Organic Oil  5 x sound & music tracks; Each with sleep promoting benefits

    • Pink Noise – Known to slow down the brain waves, allowing for a deeper and longer sleep
    • Heartbeat – Comforting and soothing in times of anxiety
    • Rain sound – With pink noise frequencies – Soothing & comforting
    • Slow rhythm lullaby – Rock-a-bye-baby, a gentle & soothing tempo
    • Rhythmic lullaby – Incorporate into bedtime routine to calm and settle

Aroma-snooze Sleep Aid + Organic Oil  Voice/Sound Recorder with auto looped playback, to record your own ‘shushing’ sounds, a sound recommended by Dr Harvey Karp whom is one of the worlds leading, and most-trusted pediatricians and child development experts!

Aroma-snooze Sleep Aid + Organic Oil  Air Purifier & Ioniser – Our advanced Ultrasonic Technology create healthy negative ions known as ‘anions’ during the ultrasonic vibration by the oscillator disc. Healthy negative ions are found abundantly in nature, and improve the air you breathe. No heat! no steam! no condensation! No unhealthy air!

Aroma-snooze Sleep Aid + Organic Oil  Includes 15ml Certified Organic ‘Aroma Snooze Remedy’ Essential Oil Blend with all 4 colours of the Aroma-Snooze.

PLUS!! BONUS BREATHE BLEND OFFER!  For a limited time we are also including our popular 10ml Certified Organic Breathe Blend with each pink or blue Aroma-Snooze Bundle, (as well as the Snooze Blend)!. That’s and additional $21.95 Value FREE!

Aroma-snooze Sleep Aid + Organic Oil  Includes Free Shipping Australia Wide!

Aroma-snooze Sleep-aid Vaporiser


Experience the world’s most advanced Sleep-Aid Vaporiser!

An overview of the Aroma-Snooze above!

How to use the Aroma-Snooze + Listen to the 5 sleep tracks on this video above!

Lively Living sets a new benchmark in reclaiming sleep naturally with the release of the Aroma-Snooze!
The Aroma-Snooze is specifically designed to improve and enhance the sleep of the whole family, from new born babies, to senior family members.
We have utilised the latest technology underpinned by evidence-based research on the science of sleep.
The Aroma-Snooze has innovative new features which have been combined to really set it apart from other sleep-aids on the market.

  • Operates up to 10hrs continuous
  • Operates up to 18hrs intermittent
  • 300ml Water Capacity
  • Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology
  • No heat source used
  • Auto switch off of mist on low water level
  • Product size 150 x 150mm
  • Mist dispersion covers 35 sq/m
  • Voltage 24V, power 12W, operates 2.4 million Htz/sec
  • Australian power adapter


Red/Orange Light – Red/Orange LED Light: which has a 8 second rhythmic cycle to stimulate melatonin levels – the hormone in our body that regulates sleep.

Colour Changing Light – Aroma-Snooze’s light can also oscillate between shades of the full colour spectrum of LED light, for a soothing and mesmerising effect and can be set to individual colours if desired.

5 Different Sound & Music Tracks – One of Aroma-Snooze’s secret weapon lies in its built-in music and sound component

  1. Rock-a-bye Baby A soft, musical lullaby for nighttime
  2. Pink Noise Celebrated for its sleep-enhancing properties, pink noise slows down and regulates brain waves allowing for a deeper, longer sleep
  3. Comforting Heartbeat Sound Great for relieving separation anxiety
  4. Rain Sound Soothing sound of rain, perfect for adults and children
  5. Uplifting Tempo Lullaby A gentle lullaby with a faster tempo for relaxation and day-play

Voice Recorder – All children are unique, and you know what soothes them most. The Voice Recorder will allow you to personalise your Aroma-Snooze experience by making a recording (up to 30 seconds) that can be played on a continuous loop. Perhaps you may like to record a) A favourite song b) Positive words of encouragement c) A comforting ‘shhhh’ sound.

Aromatherapy – With the Aroma-Snooze Blend  – The Aroma Snooze Remedy blend was created to support sleep and work alongside the many other features of the Aroma-Snooze Sleep-Aid Vaporiser.

The Aroma Snooze Remedy blend is a 15ml Certified Organic Essential Oil blend and contains Organic Oils of: Sweet Orange, Lavender, Geranium, Palmarosa, Bergamot, Cedarwood and  Australian Sandalwood.

This amazing blend is included in this bundle to create the ultimate sleep-aid package!

Ultrasonic Technology – Ultrasonic Technology uses high frequency vibrations to immediately turn water into a cool vapour without the use of heat. The advantage is that there is no condensation created and the Essential Oils are kept in their purest form. The Ultrasonic Technology used in the Aroma-Snooze will also create the following benefits:

  1. Ioniser: The water vibrates at 2.4 million Hz/sec creating ‘healthy’ negative ions which counteract positive ‘pollutant’ ions in the air. Negative ions help remove dust, germs and bacteria in the air, and aid respiratory problems such as Asthma, Sinus and Allergies, and improve general wellbeing.
  2. Humidifier: The Aroma-Snooze adds a very light moisture (300ml over 10 hours) back into the atmosphere to create a better breathing environment. It may also help you to sleep more comfortably and prevent dry skin conditions.


  • The light of the Aroma-Snooze is able to be switched off completely if no light is preferred. Or the mist and the light will switch off automatically when there is no water left, which is approx 18 hrs on intermittent mist mode. .
  • The music and Voice recorder sounds will play continuously on a loop, until they are turned off manually, by pressing the music Button. We encourage you to have the sound component play through the whole night, as it will help the child self settle, should they wake.
  • The Voice recorder allows you to record up to 30 seconds, which can then play on a continuous loop until switched off.
    You can read further information regarding these amazing features on our Blogs, and by clicking through to the ‘Snooze Centre’ too!


  1. Wendy (store manager)

    Wendy (verified owner) – October 29, 2019
    I slept all night last night!!!! Thank you, thank you Lively Living. You have no idea what this means to my life.

  2. Lizzie Tomlinson

    Lizzie Tomlinson (verified owner) – October 29, 2019
    Amazing! Love all the features you wouldn’t normally get with a diffuser. Really happy to have one in our home!

  3. Sasha, Sunny Coast (store manager)

    Sasha, Sunny Coast (verified owner) – October 28, 2019
    This product seems designed for young children but I am loving it. I work shifts so my sleep pattern changes and I find this sleep aid so helpful to get me off to sleep and in getting better quality of sleep.

  4. Margaret Shapland

    Margaret Shapland (verified owner) – October 28, 2019

    My daughter had her first baby at Eastertime this year. She battled to get the little one to go down happily in the evening and was up a lot through the night. I bought her an Aroma Snooze, which came with the snooze oil, and it has transformed their life. He loves the rain sound and now goes off to sleep without much fussing at all. My daughter is not sleep deprived and is feeling more human again. Thank goodness for the Snooze diffuser. It’s made such a difference.

  5. Suzzanne James (store manager)

    Suzanna James (verified owner) – October 24, 2019
    Lively Living, the Aroma-Snooze has been a god-send in our home! I use to have to spend around 1 hour every single night getting my 4 year old to want to go to bed and to sleep, and even when she did drift off, it wasn’t long before she was awake an having what appeared like a nightmare. I had to lie in her bed with her and as much as I love her, I have other kids and duties to attend to and it was driving me mad. We heard about the Aroma-Snooze on a Facebook group and thought I would give it a go. After just a few weeks, her sleeping has totally turned around and a 10 minute story time as part of her bedtime routine is all she needs and she is now sleeping through to the morning. I highly recommend any mum to get this product, as it seriously is the best! XXX

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