Diffuse essential oils through out your home and work, and enjoy the wide benefits gained from aromatherapy, while also purifying the air you breathe. With advanced cool mist technology, Lively Living diffusers allow you to disperse your favourite essential oils through the room safely, and without heat.
Our cool mist technology also produces healthy negative ions to remove dust, germs and bacteria which float unseen in the air. The abundant healthy negative ions in the air, (which are the same you find in nature), will also assist with breathing, improving sleep, enhancing wellbeing and air quality.
Our changing light options allow you to choose your mood, or set to your favourite shade and enjoy the benefits of colour therapy, or completely switch the light off if preferred.
Which ever Lively Living diffuser design you choose, you can have confidence knowing that it has been manufactured by the world leaders and inventors of ultrasonic technology, and will be a worth while addition to your home, and benefit your wellbeing.

The Aroma-Jewel:

  • 5 in 1 multi-functions
  • Unique hand crafted glass cover
  • Operates up to 10hrs low intermittent mist mode
  • Operates up to 4 hrs low continuous mist mode
  • 110ml Water Capacity
  • Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology
  • No heat source used
  • Auto switch off on low water level
  • Mist and lamp controlled independently
  • Can operate with no light if preferred
  • Product size 128mm x 228mm
  • Mist dispersion covers 25-30 sq/m
  • Voltage 24V, power 12W, operates 2.4 million Htz/sec


A Jewel is a precious and treasured stone and quite often unique in its appearance. The Aroma-Jewel’s quality glass outer cover features incredible swirls of gold, turquoise and sea green, a feature on its own! When illuminated by the colour changing lights, it transforms into a magnificent visual experience. Adorn your home with the Aroma-Jewel, a luxurious & timeless piece to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

Using the different light modes:
1st press: Warm Light Breathing
2nd press: Brightness Fixed
3rd press: Cool Light Breathing
4th press: Brightness Fixed
5th press: LED OFF

To turn colour changing light on:
When LED is OFF
Press and hold the light button for 1.5 seconds,to turn ‘on’ the colour changing light.
Short press to fix the colour
Short press again to turn off the light.

Please note: Due to the intricate process involved in creating each individual glass cover, there will be variances in the patterns/colours of your glass cover, making this ultrasonic diffuser uniquely yours.


9 reviews for AROMA-JEWEL

  1. ionline (store manager)

    Sandra – April 16, 2018
    I bought myself a Jewel for Mothers Day in 2017 as I fell in love with this design when I saw it. I have placed my Jewel in my front room so it is the first thing that my visitors see when they walk in my door. My favourite light setting is “warm light breathing” (first button push).

  2. ionline (store manager)

    Sherylene (verified owner) – April 28, 2018
    I brought myself the aroma jewel after searching on line for a different diffuser, they all seemed to look the same. When I saw the jewel I loved it instantly. It has pride of place in my living room and even when not in use it is absolutely stunning. I love putting different settings on to match my mood and the fragrance being used. I can’t wait to buy another for my bedroom! The jewel is the most exotic defuser I have ever seen and would highly recommend it to anyone. If you need a present for someone “who has everything”, get them the aroma jewel.

  3. ionline (store manager)

    Yvonne – June 11, 2018
    This is a most amazing light defuser i have ever seen
    It is just stunningly beautiful
    I brought this after seeing it being used in a chemist in brisbane
    It is esy to use than other ones i have purchased it is that great i am replacing my other ones
    It works like a dream and works straight away no waiting for it to heat
    Do yourself a favour treat yourself to one of these
    The name is just perfect it just looks like a jewel

  4. ionline (store manager)

    Nina – June 23, 2018
    This is my favourite diffuser. The colour changing led at night is simply mesmerising. The mist output is very customisable, lasts all night for relaxing sleep. I’m recommending this diffuser to everyone! I already want another one!

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