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  • 5 in 1 multifunctions
  • Operates up to 6hrs continuous
  • Operates up to 10hrs intermittent
  • 130ml Water Capacity
  • Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology
  • No heat source used
  • Auto switch off of mist on low water level
  • Light Function On/Off is controlled manually by the light button
  • Mist and lamp controlled independently
  • Can operate with no light, ideal for sleeping
  • Product size 13cm x 18cm
  • Mist dispersion covers approx 15 sq/m
  • Mist out put is continuously ‘low’ to allow for a longer running time
  • Voltage 24V, power 12W, operates 2.4 million Htz/sec
  • Colour changing light, may also be set or switched off
  • Unique 3D glass outer cover
  • White Base


Please note: The stunning 3D lighting effect is properly visible when the surrounding light is dark. In Daylight or room light the full 3D lighting effect is only partially visible. In full light the cover has a silver / chrome, highly reflective finish.

Innovative & stylish the Aroma-Aquila cool-mist diffuser features a magnificent 3D glass cover. The Aroma-Aquila and it’s 3D lighting effect is inspired by the ‘Aquila’ constellation of stars located along the Milky Way.

Cutting edge technology coupled with pioneering manufacturing and world-class designers bring you this quality ultrasonic cool-mist diffuser to enhance your wellbeing. The Aroma-Aquila will instantly purify, cleanse and refresh the atmosphere and create healthy negative ions to improve air quality.

The essential oils are easily absorbed, allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy.

When illuminated by the colour changing lights, the Aroma-Aquila transforms into a beautiful, mesmerising night light feature. The changing lights can be set to flow through the different colours, set to a specific colour, or completely switched off, perfect for diffusing essential oils while sleeping


4 reviews for AROMA-AQUILA

  1. ionline

    Terri (verified owner) – November 8, 2018
    How amazing are these diffusers i bought one of these for my sister and she absolutely loves it, so now I’m here to order another one for myself. The light show is very impressive. I’m hooked

  2. ionline

    Marg and Graham Hill (verified owner) – October 30, 2018
    I already own 4 of Lively living diffusers, and purchased this for the lounge room, as we wanted to have something to make a nice glow of a evening, it really is amazing. We tend to watch the diffuser, more than the TV, which is a good thing! Lol!
    Love all Lively Living essential oils too.
    Thank you Julie for the amazing videos you do. They really do help us understand each product we buy and makes it easy to purchase your wonderful products.
    Live time customers for sure here!

  3. ionline

    Amy-Jane Nava – April 16, 2019
    I love my diffuser. My husband got it for me for Christmas & now we have our little boy its perfect for night feeds. The essential oil burner is just perfect too.

  4. Vickie Tomasi

    Recently got this product and so pleased with it. Looks more like fireworks than stars in the constallation regardless its so attractive to the eyes and addictive to watch the colour changing. Now my daughter would like the same one! Great diffuser to spoil yourself or a gift for a special occassion. By far my best and favourite diffuser. Thankyou so much as I truly am a very happy customer and will continue to support and buy your products! Thankyou once again!

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