Lively living and Ultransmit

An enduring international relationship built on passion, professionalism, and trust. At Lively Living, one of the keys to our success is the partnerships we’ve forged with like-minded suppliers and stockists that share our values and vision for excellence. We’re constantly striving to bring you the highest...

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How to use essential oils around the Home

While there’s no doubt diffusing essential oils around the home is one of the most beneficial ways to experience the myriad health benefits aromatherapy is celebrated for, did you know there were countless other uses for your oils? The powerful properties contained in each drop of...

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What is aromatherapy?

Get acquainted with essential oils, the 100% natural way to enhance health and wellbeing. In today’s fast-paced, environmentally-challenged world, it’s no surprise the popularity of aromatherapy is at an all time high. For many, our lifestyles are a balancing act – we’re busy juggling work and...

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Are organic essential oils safe for children?

We are experiencing a rapid growth of interest from parents looking for natural remedies, particularly for babies and children. Which organic essential oils can safely address health imbalances in children and help your baby sleep? Our diffusers and essential oils are widely used for infants,...

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Can an organic essential oil help you sleep?

If you are having trouble sleeping or can’t get a little one to settle, the right Certified Organic Essential Oil blend in an ultrasonic aroma diffuser (vaporiser) can purify the air, promote deep relaxation and assist sleep.5 ways a Lively Living ultrasonic diffuser can help...

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How does ‘organic’ make a difference?

How does ‘Organic’ make a difference? By choosing Certified Organic Essential Oils, you’re filling your home with harmony, health and purity while making a difference. Discover at all the ways ‘Organic’ does good in the world! Australian Certified Organic Our commitment to the highest quality essential oils, means...

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October 23, 2020
How to make your own Christmas gifts with essential oils

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – a time to share unexpected gifts bringing joy to others. Why not be a merry maverick this year and make your own Christmas presents with essential oils? The essence of Christmas is one you can create yourself, filled with essential oils to bring wellbeing to teachers,… Read more »