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Janelle, Natural Therapist, Melbourne.

I am incredibly impressed with your essential oils. I have studied aromatherapy, and know there is a art in creating a blend where the ratio of essential oils in the mix complement each other. Your range does perfectly. I was also quite stunned at the strength of your essential oils. You obviously source high quality ingredients. Thanks for your efforts. I would like to apply to become a stockist.

Anita Poniris

Undoubtedly the best quality essential oils and diffusers on the market! Use mine everyday all day and couldn’t be happier! Lifetime customer here!

Chi Nugyen

We love our Aroma Bloom! Just bought the Breathe blend at the expo on Sunday and now our house smells so gorgeous! I’m certain it helped my little man’s breathing last night. He has a bit of hayfever and last night was the first in ages that he had a snuffle/cough free night. Thank you for the recommendation!

Julie Carlton

My gorgeous daughters gave me a diffuser for a gift…. With Lively Living Breathe Oil  which I absolutely love. We have it on every day! I  Have just ordered 5 more oil blends  to have a different atmosphere every day. Great Valentine’s or Mother’s Day gift!

Maui Indy

Hi! Thank you so much to the team at Lively Living. I received my Aroma-O’mm – (Bamboo) diffuser and 5 pack of essential oils recently with super fast shipping and excellent service – absolutely beautiful! I have my diffuser on each day with an oil that reflects my mood, I particularly adore the Relaxtion essential oil – it smells divine and is very calming. Thank you so much!

Amy Harding Sunshine Coast

Love love love these products, I have three diffusers ( Orb, Bloom and Move )
I love the relaxation blend, it’s my go to always must have, I use it most days, and love putting it on before my kids go to bed, really helps them settle much quicker.
I have recently bought the organic lavender oil. It smells really pretty.
I’m really impressed with the move diffuser, great to have in the car, then take inside. I’m impressed with how well it works . I recommend these products to anyone wanting to try them.

Vicki, Rouse Hill

A great product, very pretty and nice looking! Lightweight but very sturdy and solid.  Comes presented in the prettiest box, as does the essential oil.

The shape is georgeous and when it glows at night, it is very relaxing. So easy to use, just fill to the marked line with water. We love the ‘Relaxation’ blend by Lively Living, smells great, not too strong, and  the diffuser starts working the moment you plug it in. I found the different settings for the mist and the light very handy. It is so simple to set up and use, my 11 year old does it!

I placed my Aroma-Bloom in my front lounge room and yet was certain I could smell it through the whole house.

I will defintiely be buying more for gifts, & will be reccomending it highly to friends. When doing my research, I use to just look at this product , and think Ummm ??, but now I have tried the Aroma-Bloom, I am hooked!.

Michelle,  Double Bay Sydney, Sales Rep, Pharmacy Industry

I would like to say how impressed i am with your range of products. I have worked in the pharmacy and beauty industry for years, and can defitely say that yours is a stand out product. I have several of your diffusers and most of your oils, and am impressed with them all, even though they are all so different. Congratualtions, and thank you

Amanda Ceparo, Real Estate Agent, Gold Coast ,QLD

I am so relieved to have the Aroma-Joy diffuser. I always have had trouble sleeping until I received the diffuser. I use the Relax essential oil blend with it. I find after a hard day’s work, it really does help calm and  settle me for a good night’s rest. I recommend this to anyone who has trouble sleeping.

It is completely natural and leaves my home smelling wonderful, especially as I have pets!

Lindy Tracey, Department Manager, Gympie QLD

I have tried many different scented products for my home, (reed diffusers, scented candles, incense, oil burners, plug in everglades… to mention a few). Nothing compares to the Lively Living ultrasonic aroma diffuser! I first purchased the Aroma-Joy diffuser in June 2013 and have practically used it every day since. My friends all comment on how wonderful my home smells and feels. I love that it allows me to utilise natural products rather than chemicals, and that is uses eco friendly technology. I also love the many different colours the diffuser changes to. The real bonus is, I don’t have to remember to turn it off! – it does so by itself!

The Lively Living ultrasonic diffusers and essential oils, are also an excellent gift idea. I have since bought several  as presents for my friends and family.

Thank you Lively Living for having this product available. I really do love the Aroma-Joy and your essential oils..they are the best! I am very grateful each day I use them.

Jennifer Woodly, Mother Of Four,  Perth WA

I love the Lively Living aroma diffusers and essenrtial oils. I have four children under the age of four, and i only like to use natural products. I use the Breathe essential oil blend when they go to bed at night as they are prone to coughs and colds. I find this helps assist with their breathing, plus the beautiful soft light, tends to calm and comfort them. I no longer have trouble with them at bed time,as long as the diffuser is operating in their bedroom, they are happy to go to bed, and fall asleep really well! I am so greatful that it is such a safe product and I can leave it running at night with no concern. Thankyou Lively Living for this product!

Noela Kelly, Brisbane QLD

I can highly recommend these products. As an asthmatic, I have found having the breathe essential oil vapourising in the air constantly, not only calms me, but assists in minimising my asthma.

Tim Pedersen, Gold Coast, Graphic Designer

I was given a Charcoal Aroma-Bloom diffuser as a gift. I must say.. it stands out as one of the best, and most appreciated gifts I have ever received! I have it working constantly in my office, and I would like to let you know that it certainly seems to have a positive effect on our teams ability to stay calm and focused in stressful busy times. We  use it with the Harmony essential oil. I receive constant comments from my clients whom walk into my office. A very ‘cool’ product. Thank you.

Janis Brischke QLD

I dont nomally sleep well through the night and would find myself waking up at 1.00am, 2.00am, 3.00am etc

Since using the Aroma-Joy diffuser and the Lively Lively Living Relaxation Blend, I have been sleeping through the whole night!. The first three nigths I slept right through until 6.00am with out stirring at all, i could not believe it!  Now I dont even consider myself as have a sleeping problem. Thank you!

Lisa Guiney QLD

I bought a Aroma-Bloom diffuser yesterday from a local store and it has been on ever since. When I got home it was in the kitchen with me while I prepared dinner. Then it was in the lounge while I watched tv, the bathroom while I had a bath, and then it came to the bedroom and was on overnight. Oh I forgot! I also got online last night and ordered some of your essential oils so it was with me in the office then as well. To  my absolute delight, the oils have just arrived by courier less than 24 hours after I ordered them.

Thanks so much for a fantastic product and super fast service!

Gracie Leung Sydney

I brought a Aroma-Bloom diffuser at the Baby and Toddler show hoping to replace the warm mist humidifier that I have for my daughters as it always overheated their rooms. I ended up using it that evening myself as I had developed a really bad cough from being sick all winter. The diffuser and oils stopped my coughing within half an hour of use. I was very surprised, as the coughing previously did not subside even with medication!

My husband who was skeptical at first was also convinced as he saw the difference the diffuser made.

We went back the next day to purchase another!

Thanks for this fab product, not only does it look good, it really works!

Julie Hurt

I have just purchased your beautiful glass Aroma-Orb diffuser while on holidays. I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out. “WOW” it’s fantastic! I am over the moon with its performance. After many years of purchasing other products I have finally found the best! Can’t thank you enough for providing such a great item. Not only does it look fantastic (on or off) it works better than all my others. I’m so happy I purchased it, looks like all my others will be packed up and given to charity now. Thanks again, and can you please add me to your mailing list as I think that all my family and friends will be getting one for their birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. You have also solved the gift dilemmas I have for buying for difficult people. I am so happy. Thank you, Jules