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Julie Parr

Founder of Lively Living

Our story so far..


With a natural and intuitive love of aromatherapy and all things that enhance your wellbeing, the idea to create a small range of essential oils and import a quality ultrasonic diffuser came very strongly into my awareness at the end of 2012!


However, I had never created my own products, I didn’t know anything about importing, and I had no experience or contacts in wholesaling or the retail industry.


What I did have was a strong belief in my ability and desire to create the highest quality aromatherapy products which would enhance peoples life and wellbeing, and which stockists would ‘love’ to carry, and customers would ‘love’ to own. This passion has never wavered and has been my driving vision.


So in June 2013, my products were on the market… The Aroma-Joy diffuser and three beautiful Essential Oil Blends! Stockists welcomed the products with open arms, and everyone one I met wanted to stock the Lively Living range.


Within a short time, the demand was apparent for a longer running ultrasonic diffuser! I was ecstatic when I saw the first sample of what is lovingly now known as the Aroma-Bloom. I work alongside the world leaders and innovators of ultrasonic technology and aroma-diffusers & I am proud that Australia has achieved the highest volume of sales for the Aroma-Bloom diffuser in the international market place. The Lively Living Ultrasonic diffuser range has since gown, with each ‘style’ having its own appeal, features, and personality.


Over the past couple of years, I have loved getting to know the many stockists around the countryside, my supplier “Ultransmit’’ and the Chinese culture more and more. I have made several visits to China, and I admire their ethics, loyalty and desire to be, do, and offer the best that they can, which resonates strongly with my core values. I also respect that they have granted Lively Living exclusivity on my full product range here in Australia and New Zealand. I know this also plays a large part in my determination to keep going, as I am extremely grateful for the Ultransmit team for all they do, and in entrusting me with this opportunity. As my certainty has grown, I also love being able to contribute with ideas and suggestions, for not only Lively Living in Australia, but for the greater world market.


I am extremely excited about the continuing recognition and expansion of the range of Lively Living Certified Organic Essential Oils. Where ever possible the essential oils are sourced directly from the farmers themselves and the plants are gown in the most pristine conditions. The range is certified with the ‘Australian Certified Organic’ (ACO), and I have fine-tuned the oils to bring you just what you need for the most common ailments that people want to improve on, or diffuse away!


I invite you to come and experience the Lively Living Ultrasonic Diffusers and Essential Oils on your journey, and hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me and my journey.


Wishing you and your families all the best!

With love